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Your 10-point bathroom renovation checklist

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One of the most common methods for modernizing and enhancing the appearance of your home is bathroom remodeling. To ensure that your renovation turns out just how you imagined it, there are some fewer exciting things to think about before deciding on the newest tile or bathtub design. Before beginning your Bathroom Renovation in Mount Pleasant, have a look at our checklist. A guide that covers all the necessary steps, such as determining whether remodeling is a good idea for you, picking out fixtures and finishes, and selecting qualified contractors. 


Plan before you start 

Make sure you have a distinct vision for the style and atmosphere you want for your Bathroom Renovation. In what form will it be arranged? You need how much storage, right? What functionalities are installable? This will support the success of your refurbishment by assisting in decision-making. 

Set your budget 

Making judgments about what to include in the remodel will be guided by the budget that you have established. To prevent any shocks later, you should be completely aware of how much money you can afford to spend on the job. 

Decide a deadline 

Create a schedule for the project so that it may be finished quickly and with the least amount of difficulty for you. To ensure that tiles, fixtures, or cabinets are available when your contractor needs them, planning also includes certain intermediate activities like ordering and purchasing them. 

Choose a contractor 

Once you’ve determined what needs to be done, it’s time to choose a contractor for your Bathroom Renovation project. Try to find someone who has experience with toilets particularly. 

Select materials 

Today’s market offers a wide variety of materials, including stone tiles, glass tiles, wood flooring, and more! When choosing the type of material that will best meet your demands, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

Architecture and functionality 

While remodeling your bathroom, it’s critical to consider both the aesthetics and functionality of the room. Do you like a more contemporary style with clean lines and basic elements? Or do you want a classical look with elaborate detailing and enduring tones? 

Choose the type of flooring 

There are numerous alternatives when it comes to selecting a flooring type for your Bathroom Renovations. It might be challenging to choose one without first doing some research and discovering which suits your requirements and tastes the best in terms of home décor. 

Decide lighting locations 

It’s crucial to have a well-lit bathroom, for both safety and aesthetics focusing on natural light. Decide where your light sources will be coming from, whether it comes from ceiling lighting or lamps on vanity tables, as well as how many bulbs will be required for each spot. 


When adding a waterfall shower head or whirlpool tub to your recently renovated bathroom, be sure there is enough ventilation available to avoid water from getting trapped underneath these fixtures and causing the growth of mold. Make it mandatory to have appropriate ventilation plans before beginning any Bathroom Renovations. 

Plan for storage system 

Storage is the one item that every homeowner absolutely must have in their bathroom! Everything may be kept organized and conveniently accessible with the aid of a decent cabinet system. Determine how much storage each room needs then focus on the design you want. Following that, your contractor will assist you in deciding between several cabinetry solutions, such as shaker-style cabinets with glass fronts or wood shelves. 

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