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Why Should You Choose Stump Grinding Over Stump Removal?

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Do you have a stump in your backyard or maybe in your lawn that came about from cutting down a tree? The tree might have been diseased or even a hazard to the well being of you and your loved ones, so it had to be cut down and now, you are left with an offending looking stump. Or just maybe, the tree did not match with the aesthetic appeal you were going for when you bought that property. Whatever the reason for that stump, you would obviously want it to not be there.

Now the question of whether you want that stump ground or removed is the next thing that comes to mind. In this blog, we inform you about the reason why you should take stump grinding over stump removal. This is not just because we are in the business of stump grinding, but also because grinding your stump as opposed to removing it comes with more benefits for you and here is how that comes into play:

Stump Grinding Is Cheaper

Stump removal can be twice or sometimes three times the price of stump grinding, depending on the size of your stump and the area where you are situated. The area is factored in with the price because of the proximity of your yard to the company in charge of stump grinding or removal and the road network.

The Hole Left Behind Is Not Too Big

Stump grinding can go as deep as 15 inches or some more, depending on the type of tree stump you have. Some trees have deeper roots than others, hence the need to grind deep into the ground.

Take for example, a white oak tree. While standing, it can be beautiful, serve as a windbreaker and survive through the harshest seasons because of the strength of its roots and how far they can grow to ensure that they get all the moisture that they need. But when the white oak has been reduced to a stump, getting it removed poses a big problem as the roots are widespread in the ground. This means that when it is being removed, stump, roots and all, a massive hole is left in the ground.

Stump grinding, on the other hand, can totally remove the stump of the white oak and prevent another occurrence of resprouting in the future. This way, you are left with a hole that is not as big as the one that would have presented itself in the case of stump removal.

Guaranteed Ease Of Removal With Less Time Spent

Stump grinding in Central Coast guarantee that you would not have to worry about that stump in a short time after the arrival of the stump grinders. All that is needed is the machine, the professional to handle the machine and a short time, stump removal on the other hand takes more time because of the time and effort it takes to remove a tree stump with its root.

More problems arise if the root of the tree grows into pipes or underneath foundations. There will be a hard time trying to figure out how to remove the stump without necessarily damaging other things around, like pavements, driveways and water pipes in the house. Besides, it is more time-consuming.

Eliminates The Possibility Of A Breeding Spot For Insects

Tree stumps attract insects of different varieties to create their homes in your spot and thereafter move to healthier and greener trees. Insects like beetles, termites, carpenter ants and some other dangerous bugs can take residence on your tree stump especially if it has started to rot. Stump grinding will not only save you the headache of having to deal with those insects in your yard but will also take away the opportunity for those insects to infest other trees present in your yard.

It Proves To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Stump grinding, as opposed to stump removal, can prove to be more environmentally friendly because the shavings gotten from the grinding do not only serve as material to make mulch, which can be used to fill the hole left behind from grinding but also loosens up the soil.

Besides, in situations where the sawdust left over from grinding proves to be too much after the hole has been filled, your stump grinder can take it off your hand to a compost centre so that better use can come out of it. So, you are left with a more aesthetically pleasing yard and healthier, more fertile soil.

As wonderful as stump grinding sounds, it is important to know the cons associated with it, because no matter how amazing an option sounds, it is always important to know the downside about that option to enable you to make better decisions. The cons associated with stump grinding includes:

  1. A Big Chance That Replanting Cannot Happen!

When you grind a stump, replanting is not necessarily the best option as the tree that is replanted would not have the best chance or opportunity to grow as much as it would have if planted in a fresh spot or if the stump was removed. This is because the root that has been left to disintegrate would not allow the new tree to get all the moisture that it needs to grow well.

  1. Roots Could Take A Longer Time To Disintegrate

When stump grinding, the roots that spread far and wide into the soil are left behind to disintegrate as they lack the nutrients to keep growing and are now cut off from the stump. But most times, it might take the roots a far longer time than planned to disintegrate, this can result in rotting of the roots.

  1. Too Much Wood Chips Can Attract Termites

Despite the fact that the wood chipping or sawdust gotten from the stump grinding proves to help loosen the soil, it is important to know that too much can attract termites and serve as a good place for them to thrive till they find something else that proves to be better.

There are many advantages to having your stump ground as opposed to removal. We offer stump grinding service in Central Coast to have adequately armed you with enough information needed for you to decide to choose stump grinding just in case you need to get rid of that troublesome stump that proves to not just be a health hazard but a breathing place for insects and an eyesore for the environment.


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