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Why is Welsh Slate considered the best?

Welsh slate is widely recognised as the highest-quality roofing material on the planet, therefore we appreciate the opportunities to work with it. Due to its popularity and restricted production, this item may be scarce or in short supply at times. Moreover, Covid restrictions beget that the supply of Welsh Slate becoming more difficult to come by at this moment.

One element to consider when looking for a new roofing installation is the cost. You may have noticed that Welsh slate in Sydney is often more expensive than other materials. While this may appear to be a deterrent at first, it is critical to comprehend why it is priced the way it is.

  •     So what is Welsh slate?

Welsh slate is a form of slate that is extracted from quarries all across Wales and is regarded as the gold standard. The interesting thing is that this slate was generated about 500 million years ago in these deposits. This particular variety of slate is highly durable, and it is mined from slate quarries in Wales. The durability factor is substantially higher when compared to other varieties of slate, such as Spanish Slate. There are two main types of welsh slate in Sydney that are available on the market, Penrhyn and CWT-y-Bugail.

The Penrhyn quarry in Bethesda, Wales, produces Penrhyn slate. The slate mined there has a peculiar blue-grey sheen. Penrhyn Welsh slate has been sold to Australia since the colonisation of the continent. Roofs were mostly built of bark and occasionally timber shingles in the colony’s early days. These, however, were not suitable waterproofing materials. Slate was first utilised as ballast on timber-collecting commercial ships bound for Australia.

Slate from Ffestiniog, North Wales, is known as CWT-y-Bugail. Dark grey and blue slate tiles are available in this Welsh slate variety. Many homeowners and commercial company owners are drawn to this blue-grey colouration.

  •     What are some of the benefits of Welsh slate roofing?

So, why do so many people pick Welsh slate in Sydney for their roofing? When compared to most roofing materials, there are a few advantages that weigh in favour of Welsh slates. Here are a few examples:

  • Durability

There aren’t many materials that can compete with slate in terms of durability. On a practical level, Welsh slate roofs offer a great deal of weather protection. The stone’s endurance is due to the fact that it is made up of numerous layers of thin sheets, making it dense and hefty. Welsh slate is unrivalled in terms of longevity and strength when compared to other forms of slate.

  • Energy efficiency

Welsh slate is also energy efficient. During the cooler months, you save money on energy expenses because to its insulating capabilities. However, this does not mean you will melt in the summer; slate is also efficient at keeping the heat outside and the cooler air inside. Although this may appear to be a broad generalisation, having a roofing solution with strong insular qualities offers specific advantages.

  • Low maintenance

To preserve its durability, Welsh slate in Sydney requires relatively little care. Cleaning, clearing debris, and fixing any damaged tiles on a regular basis can guarantee that your roof lives a long and happy life. Many people fail to maintain their roofs, which can lead to costly repairs. Because it’s easy to forget about your roof, investing in a durable roof might help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

  • Long life expectancy

Look no farther than Welsh slate if you’re seeking a roofing option that will last a lifetime. Slate can last for almost a century if properly cared for. Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material, have a life expectancy of just about 20 years, which is quite low.

  • Aesthetic appeal

The aesthetics of Welsh slate are one of the most appealing features. What good is a roof if you can’t bear to look at it? Slate has a distinctive appearance that is enhanced by its one-of-a-kind earthy texture. Slate roofing, when installed on the proper structure, may really stand out. New sources of roofing slate have emerged from all over the world in recent decades, but none have come near to matching the look and performance of Welsh slate. Since the beginning of seafaring, Welsh slate has been exported all over the world.

  •     But why is Welsh slate so expensive?

Pricing is one of the most essential factors that consumers consider when choosing a roofing material. Most roofing materials are more expensive than Welsh slate in Sydney. What needs to be considered, though, is why. To say the least, the labour involved in the mining slate is enormous. Much of it is done by hand, and it necessitates the division of slate blocks into several portions.

Shipping costs are another aspect that affects the price. Slate is expensive to ship in big quantities internationally. Slate is one of the most durable roofing materials. It takes a long time to carry the slate tiles up to the roof. Cutting the slate on site adds to the time and cost.

  •     Seeking a professional slate roofing company

Look for a competent slate roofing business if you need quality slate roofing tiles installed or repaired. They should have years of expertise dealing with various slate types, such as Welsh slate, Spanish slate, Canadian slate, and others.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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