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Why DIY Tyre Repair Isn’t Such a Good Idea

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To a lot of people, repairing car tyres just isn’t worth the risk. Why go through all that stress just to get it done only to know that it’s much better to get a new one?

Getting a new tyre isn’t all bad (especially if the tyre was damaged beyond repair). However, there are still some tyre problems that can be fixed (like misalignment problems). You just need to get it done the right way, and you’re back on the road.

All the same, should you ever need any repairs done on your tyres, try checking out a tyre shop near you before doing any DIY fixes. If you’re dealing with a complex issue like misalignment or bulging problems, then your tyre shop is the best place for you to go.

Still having doubts? Here are a couple of good reasons why DIY-ing your tyre repairs isn’t such a good idea.

  • You’re more likely to make mistakes

Most people go into DIY tyre repairs without very little or no knowledge about how to solve a tyre-related problem. They rely on their gut to guide them. However, if you’re dealing with a complicated issue like cracking or bulging, over or underinflation, then you might want to get them checked at your tyre shop near you.

Although most shops would advise you to get replacements, it’s better than wasting your precious time on fixing something that can’t be fixed.

  • Most DIY projects are done without the right tools

ALWAYS make sure you have the right tools you’d need to complete the job successfully. Your wrench, hammer, jack, spanner and all other important equipment are all you need to have in your toolbox/car trunk.

On the other hand, problems like misalignment or imbalanced tyre pressure (usually noticed when there is a funny feeling at the steering wheel) are better left in the hands of professionals. They have the right tools and expertise to handle this issue more than you do.

  • You don’t have as much knowledge about handling tyres as the pros do 

This is just stating the facts. Many of these tyre repair gurus have been in this business for months | if not years. Their experience with handling tyre-related issues isn’t something you could just grab off a YouTube video or an explanation from someone. To avoid making mistakes (as mentioned earlier), get your damaged tyres to the right place and hear what the gurus have to say.

  • They ALWAYS know what’s best for your tyres

Nowadays, you can get information like this online. Right? You see, the one thing online info can’t beat is close human observation and inference. If your online resource tells you there’s nothing that can be done to salvage the tyres, why not get it checked out at your local tyre shop and see what they can do for you? If they decide the problem can’t be fixed, then it’s a win-win for you. You could connect with them to help you with replacement tyres.

  • You save time

It’s just like the title says! These pros had definitely worked on a similar problem some time ago. So, they know the whats, hows and whens of tyre problems. You just take your car there, they help you with your tyre problem and kaboom! Your tyres are all good. They’re even faster with their repairs.

  • The tyre pros also check other components on your car

Some tyre shops in Unanderra do mandatory checks on your car’s health before passing the vehicle as okay. They’d want to figure out what part of the car led to the tyre problem (this is a possibility).

As a result, they could discover impending problems you missed during your last DIY car service. Now, you’d have the upper hand against the problem.

  • You save money

How is that possible, you say (especially since you pay for their services)? If you think of paying for their services as a one-time sacrifice, then you’d be saving yourself money.

You could think of it as paying to get only quality service and not worrying about repairs for the next 2 to 3 years. Isn’t that great? Surely that beats DIY-ing the entire issue once every 3 months or so only to end up with much more on your hands than usual.

  • You get a better understanding of how your tyre works

If you’ve ever been curious about how your tyre works, then you might as well ask the experts. While on a visit to their shop, ask them about all there is to know about your tyres — the best maintenance practices for your tyres and what you’ve been doing wrong all this time.

Still, finding the right tyre shop for you? Try these tips!

Before selecting your ideal tyre repair shop, make sure you make enough inquiries about their integrity, so your vehicle doesn’t fall into the hands of frauds. If you’ve been stuck in between for a long time, Here are a few tips on how to verify your Unanderran tyre shop’s reputation:

  • Ask their former clients about their style of service and how they handle tyres in Unanderra.
  • Conduct a physical interview with one of their representatives (don’t see this as far-fetched).
  • Ask about their service charges.
  • Start them off with minor issues first.
  • Be realistic with them. Ask them about how they handle their complaint policy.
  • Inquire about insurance.
  • Can they offer you good deals on replacement tyres?
  • How good is their online presence?

If you’re satisfied with the responses, then you’re good to go.

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