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Why concrete slabs are an ideal choice for construction?

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For many people, a home is one of their most significant investments. A strong foundation ensures that your property will stay valuable over a long period. A strong foundation also guarantees few structural damages over time. A reinforced concrete slab is the preferred form of residential construction today and for good reason. It’s strong, durable, and an affordable way to solidify the foundation of your home.

In construction, there are many structural components such as walls, beams, foundations, columns, slabs, etc. Among these, the slab is the most important part as it helps the other components of the building to withstand different loads.

What is a concrete slab?

A concrete slab is a flat structural component of a building. It is two-dimensional and has a very small thickness compared to its other dimensions. There are many different types of slabs used depending on the structural need and constructional layout. Reinforced concrete slabs are used in roofs, floors, ceilings, and as the decks of bridges.

Types of concrete slab

  1. Conventional slab (one-way and two-way)
  2. Flat slab
  3. Hollow core Ribbed slab
  4. Waffle Slab
  5. Sunken Slab
  6. Inclined Slab
  7. Slab with Arches
  8. Pre-stressed Concrete Slab
  9. Cable Suspended Slab
  10. Composite Slab
  11. Precast Slab
  12. Slab on Grade or Slab on Ground
  13. Bubble Deck Slab
  14. Hardy Slab
  15. Waist Slab

The difference between each type of slab is based on how the slab is made and where and how that slab will be used. The primary function of all concrete slabs in Central Coast and around the world is to withstand and transfer the load of other structural components.

Advantages of the concrete slab that make it an ideal choice for many construction workers

  • It is cost-effective and durable.
  • Concrete slab foundations do not have crawlspace beneath them, therefore, it does not harbor contaminants, allergens, and other harmful micro-organisms.
  • A polished concrete floor maintains the air quality within as it does not suffer from moisture problems.
  • It is very low in maintenance as very few cracks appear over time. If the concrete slab is made with precision and accurate measurements, then it is highly unlikely for any major cracks to appear.
  • Concrete is stronger compared to all other building materials, therefore it is an ideal choice from an environmental as well as economic standpoint.
  • In extreme weather conditions, concrete slabs help in reducing energy costs. The inherent mass of the concrete slab makes it a perfect flooring solution. In winter the concrete slab absorbs the suns heat and releases it slowly throughout the day, keeping your house warm naturally. While in summer it radiates the natural heat, keeping the indoors cooler. All of this translates into reduced energy costs which can not only lower your electricity bills but also lower your carbon dioxide emissions as well.
  • Concrete slabs are an appealing flooring option. There are plenty of ways to customize the concrete slab. You can choose to add new patterns and pick the colors that you prefer. With polished concrete, you’re sure to have elegant home flooring that will stay aesthetically pleasing for years to come
  • The stiffness, rigidity, and ductility of the concrete slab in Central Coast hold the structure well during natural disasters like an earthquake. Also, the water damage ratio of the slab is little compared to other building materials. When concrete is laid down it should meet the Australian standards of fire and bushfire resistance criteria so that it can protect against such incidents.

Coastal Kerb and Concreting provides a complete range of concrete slabs in Central Coast and surrounding areas if you are looking for affordable, durable, and efficient concrete slab installations for your property.


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