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Which type of earthmoving equipment is right for you?

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Earthworks are the core of all construction projects and are mostly carried out in the initial stages. The final framework that appeals to the human eye is the fruit of hard labor and various excavation techniques.  

There is a vast range of earthmoving equipment, but the key lies in identifying the right tools for the job. Tedwards Earthmoving takes immense pride in its team of experienced and well-trained professionals for restricted access tasks and strives toward making the company the most reliable name for tight access earthmoving in Sydney.  

Equipment required for tight access excavation  

Precision is the word that comes to mind while handling tight access projects. With an array of earthmoving equipment available, no excavation task is impossible. The site can be accessed from the neighbor’s property, a hole in the existing area, or craning the equipment over the house to complete the task. With numerous tools, entry and exit points are never a hassle for tight access earthmoving in Sydney.  

Tedwards is equipped with the best quality tight access equipment. A brief description of the common ones is given below. 

  • Mini loaders: 

Also known as dingos, this machinery works well with tight access spaces, such as the side of a house for earthworks in the backyard. A mini loader is the best choice for building a rock wall, replacing a lawn, and transferring soil into the garden.  

  • Skid-steer loader: 

It’s also called a skid or wheel loader and is often used for digging purposes. It’s a small engine-powered machine with arms that can attach to various tools. It is most suitable for carrying out tough work and ensures reliability, durability, and smooth operations.  

  • Mini excavators: 

For small projects, the 1-tonne mini excavator will do the job of digging trenches or ditches. It’s a user-friendly machine and can move materials to and fro from the project site. It can fit into tight spots and is highly recommended for digging, piping, and compacting tasks.  

  • Post hole diggers: 

It is a mini loader with a digger attached; it helps you dig the exact size of the hole you want. A few types of post-hole diggers are available such as one-hole diggers, two-hole diggers, ultimate post-hole diggers, and cartilage diggers. 

Earthmoving equipment 

Whether it’s a residential project or a commercial one, heavy-duty vehicles are essential. Without it, builders would find it extremely difficult to remove the required soil, create additional structure space, and successfully install the foundations. Even if you want to do DIY, some tasks cannot be accomplished manually; machines make our life a lot easier by saving time and effort simultaneously. It simply assists in making the impossible heavy lifting possible.  

Following is a list of the equipment frequently used in construction: 

  • Excavators 

  • Bulldozers 

  • Cranes  

  • Dump trucks 

  • Backhoes 

  • Track loaders 

  • Screw pile boring machine 

  • Trenchers 

  • Wheel loaders 

  • Debris scarper 

  • Mowers 

  • Stump grinders 

  • Hedge trimmers 

  • Graders 

  • Compactors 

  • Slashers 

  • Angle sweepers  

From the above list, the main types today are excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, track loaders, dump trucks, trenchers, and scrapers.  


If you want to hire a company that does meticulous excavation works to the highest standard, then Tedwards Earthmoving is the ideal option for tight-access earthmoving in Sydney. Having deep roots in the Australian excavation industry, our determination and expertise can move mountains, and leave aside the rocks. Indeed, customer satisfaction is our ultimate success.  

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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