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What to do when the hot water system is leaking?

It is vital not to ignore signs of a leaking hot water system. Even the smallest leaks can quickly develop into larger and more serious ones with a hot water system. Corrosion may be the reason for a leak, which worsens over time. You may call a professional hot water system repairs in Blue Mountains to rectify the leakage instead of doing it by yourself. At the same time, the average warranty for a hot water system is around five to six years. To check the age of your hot water system, you may look for a manufacturer’s badge plate on the unit and note the manufacturing date on it (It may have a plastic cover over it).

You need to identify the leak:

Before calling in expert service, you should know the problem and identify the leakage where it occurs, whether the hot water system leakage is from the top or the bottom. You can also check leakage from the PRV (pressure relief valve). If the leakage is from piping close to the system, it is a different plumbing problem. But if the hot water system is leaking from the PRV, it is not something to worry about if it is occasional. You need to look at the issue when it is more than that.

A hot water system leakage does not necessarily mean the system needs replacing. First, find that relief valve and lift the lever 3 or 4 times to clear possible blockages. This might fix it then and there. But if the water leak keeps running, you probably need to replace the valve. If the leak continues, the hot water system needs repairs in the Blue Mountains. This is a comparatively inexpensive repair that can prolong the life of your hot water system and also reduce water wastage.

If you have problems with your gas hot water system, you need to turn off the gas. The system should have its fuse or circuit breaker, so you still can run other appliances and lights. You also do not need to run the heating element when the tank is almost empty.

You can turn off the power to the water heater if you are dealing with a solar-powered system or an electric one. This is not expensive and can add a good lifespan to the system, and it also reduces the water you are wasting.

Turn off the water system:

You can turn off your hot water system. Look for a small black tap or lever valve on a pipe leading into the bottom of the unit and turn it off fully. If you cannot see it, turn off the mains, usually found at the front or side of a home or in an apartment under the kitchen sink or laundry tub. If you can’t find the inlet tap or have seized up, turn off the water at the mains water meter. But before you do, it is a good idea to fill the kettle or a jug with water for drinking and have a couple of buckets of water handy so that you can flush the toilet.

Repair or Replace:

Depending on the cause and severity, sometimes water heater repairs are possible. Other times a water heater replacement is the only solution. A common solution is replacing a broken hot water system with an identical unit. But this is not always the best option cost-wise or environmentally. Hot water systems are constantly changing, and what was the best ten years ago is unlikely to be the best today. There is likely a better option to suit your home and lifestyle.

A faulty hot water system is often part of a bigger problem, and quick fixes are more band-aid solutions. Eventually, the quick fix comes undone, and you end up in a worse situation than you started. Once you have found that the leakage is from the hot water system, the best thing to do is call a professional hot water repair.

Arranging a plumbing expert:

Make sure you find a reputable local gold coast plumbing company with good customer service, good reviews, and a good amount of experience. To work on gas systems, a plumber must have gas fitting qualifications. If you have gas rather than electric or solar, ensure that the plumber you choose has training and licenses to work on it.

All the plumbers should have a license to connect and disconnect the electric hot water systems. Whether your hot water system is leaking from the top, bottom or elsewhere, a good plumber can help get it fixed with fast, compliant work.

Bottom Line:

You can arrange nearby professional and trained hot water system repairs in Blue Mountains to stop the hot water leakageThe trained professional will repair or replace your system leakage soon.


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