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What to do in a plumbing emergency? 5 tips.

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Do you have a burst pipe at your property, clogged drains, or overflow toilets? If you have any of these situations at your home or commercial property, it is more than likely a case of a plumbing emergency. Such events need to be dealt with swiftly and cautiously, and learning to manage them will give you control to protect your house and get a plumbing repair service much quicker. Here is a list of 5 things you can do in case of a plumbing emergency instead of getting overwhelmed.

1.     Turn Off the Water

In case of any plumbing emergency, turn off the water supply early. If the location of the problem is known, then you only need to turn off the valve related to the fixture, mostly at the base of the fixture. However, in case of a large-scale emergency, you need to shut down the main valve generally located outside of the property.

If you are experiencing an internal flood, you should open all windows and doors and leave the house. Make sure you do not contact the water and shut down the electrical power supply to the house to avoid anyone being electrocuted.

Any emergency plumber in Schofields would also appreciate it if you turned on all the water faucets on your property, especially around the area of the plumbing emergency so that the remaining water in the plumbing pipes is drained, and excessive water is diverted from the location of the leak, preventing catastrophic damage. Turning the water supply off would not solve the problem but will prevent water from further flooding your property.

2. Check your water heater.

If you are dealing with a large-scale emergency, it is recommended by emergency plumbers in Schofields to turn your water heater off to prevent it from damaging. You should turn off the water heater only after shutting down the main water valve. This will prevent the heat from welling inside the case, which worsens the condition further, often resulting in overheating or bursting. Always turn off the gas first if you have a gas water heater.

3. Manage the leak efficiently

After you have turned off the main water supply and the water heater, see the situation to observe what else you can do to address the plumbing issue. Use towels around the leak and a bucket under any dripping leak to prevent structural damage to your property. Search for water leaks; if you find any, you should try to wrap duct or plumbing tape around the leak wherever possible. Please make sure you note such pipe leaks so you can have them resolved later on, along with the main emergency. This will ensure that your issues are resolved in the safest order.

However, make sure you do not rely on these fixes and make an appointment with an emergency plumber so they can identify the source of the issue and come up with a professional solution to your problem.

4. Open drains and spigots.

After you have turned off the main water supply to your property, there is residual water in your pipes, which you can drain by turning on spigots located outside your property. This will move water away from your pipes and hence the potential damage areas, purging water from the system, which can be helpful later on when professional help arrives.

If you notice a clog in your drains, try to open it with a plunger. Do not use chemicals on your pipes in an emergency, as chemicals can add fuel to the fire and cause more damage.

5. Call as soon as possible

One of the most common problems in case of a plumbing emergency is not calling a professional plumbing service or calling them too late. People often do not remember that they should call a plumber when an emergency happens. Other times people are unaware of after-hours plumbers in Schofields available at NW Plumbing and Drainage and wait till the morning to report an emergency.

Before taking measures to address your plumbing emergency, it is better to seek help from a professional plumbing company. The best action you can take is to call as soon as the problem arises and get some initial help and expert insight on how to handle the situation while they are on their way to your property. More critical than calling an expert plumber is listening to what they say. Trained plumbers in Schofields can let you know if the situation is too dangerous or if you should leave your property during the emergency. Therefore, do listen to your plumber as it can save your life.


It can be quite challenging to handle a plumbing emergency, especially when it is one of the first few occurrences. If you holistically follow the above-listed tips, you can save your home, get into the right mindset to tackle the plumbing emergency and prevent your property from any further structural damage. Preparing for an emergency is the best way to successfully tackle any plumbing emergency.

Plumbing is an intricate task, and even routine fixes can often require professional help. However, in case of emergencies, it is essential to have an expert plumbing service at your back. Call in to get a free quote today. 0451 669 290. Or email us with your queries at jai@nwplumbinganddrainage.com.au. You can contact us today to ask any questions you might have about our customer service.

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