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What should you do if your car malfunctions?

If you are adventurous and enjoy seeing new places, nothing could be better than your automobile breaking down in the middle of your journey. It is usually preferable to have no car technician working on your vehicle than to have one that just makes issues worse. 

However, if you do not have your vehicle maintained or fixed by a professional, you will wind up with a damaged automobile and a large price. Car mechanics in Wollongong is your car’s closest friend, understanding what it requires and ensuring seamless operation. We will handle your car as if it were our own, only utilizing high-quality brands in all repairs to ensure your vehicle’s dependability. 

Whether you’re driving around town or on a lengthy road trip, it’s your job to make sure your car is ready for the voyage. Even while earlier maintenance can address a variety of issues, today we will look at some solutions for a broken-down roadside car. Continue reading! 

  • Stay where you are 

Prevention is preferable to cure. So, even if you are required to leave your automobile in search of assistance, remaining still will prevent an unfortunate situation.  

If you find yourself in an unknown place, avoid strolling around by yourself. To safeguard yourself and your stuff, stay close to your vehicle. Taking a risk, on the other hand, is only advantageous if you recall going by a gas station, restaurant, or inn just a few miles distant. 

  • Make use of your automobile equipment 

If you’re going on a road trip, make sure you have your vehicle kit ready.  

In such situations, a well-stocked vehicle kit might be your most valuable ally. The following components should be included in your car kit: 

  • Spare tyre 
  • Starter kit 
  • Tool kit 
  • Extinguisher for fires 
  • Triangles that reflect light 
  • First-aid kit 

If you have a punctured tyre or a dead battery, this pack can enable you go further to get help. 

  • Call a mobile mechanic 

If the car’s problem is beyond your abilities, engage a mobile mechanic. 

Our Mobile Car Mechanics in Wollongong provide their services even to outlying places. Such a qualified professional will be able to better comprehend the problem and present you with the appropriate remedy. 

If you can’t contact a mobile car mechanic, employ a towing service to haul your vehicle away and keep you secure. 

  • Car maintenance is essential 

NEVER, and we mean NEVER, travel for a lengthy journey without first having your car serviced.  

Regular driving can cause a number of problems that can only be resolved with regular repair and upkeep. Before departing on your next excursion, get your vehicle’s fuel and filter replaced, tyres pumped, and electrical systems checked. Visit our car mechanic in Wollongong for prompt service and repairs.  

Also, once you return from your trip, make an effort to get your vehicle maintained. Believe us when we say that your automobile may need a nice wash and some tightening in a few locations. 

  •     Always carry extra food 

Whether you enjoy eating or not, your car should always be stocked with additional food and drink. This is a precautionary action that is absolutely necessary if you plan to travel with children.  

Effective servicing and a little foresight may help ensure that your car is always ready for a lengthy journey. We hope this was helpful. 


With Matthew Tyres & Mechanical, you receive expert car mechanics in Wollongong and a team of well-trained professionals who are well-equipped to handle any situation. We strive to make your repair procedure as simple as possible by explaining any work necessary during the repair process. For maximum vehicle reliability, we use only the highest quality brands in our repairs, as if your vehicle were our own. 

Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have about visiting our workshop. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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