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What kind of paint can you use on steel?

Our painters in Potts Point have an answer to all the questions one can ask regarding the type of paint that can be used on metals, especially steel. A lot of options are available. The best steel paint is usually considered enamel or oil-based, making it the most durable choice considering its tough finish. In addition to the paint, an oil-based primer will also give a more polished look. However, oil-based paints can be applied directly to the steel as they are rust-free due to the lack of moisture.

Once the best paint has been selected, a seven-step procedure must be strictly followed to get the finished product according to your liking. The steps are:

  1. Preparation of metal surfaces by removing grease with metal spirit.
  2. Removal of old paint and surface rust by using a wire brush.
  3. Scuffing of the metal with a pad.
  4. Priming the metal with an oil-based and rust-preventable primer for a long-lasting and continuous result.
  5. Application of the chosen paint.
  6. Allowing the paint to dry.
  7. Last is the wiping of mineral spirits on the painted surface for adhesion properties.

It can be challenging to paint steel due to its sleek and smooth surface. Once the measures mentioned above have been followed, use oil-based neutral paints or multi-surface paints to be smeared on the metal to achieve an appealing outlook. Metal-friendly paints come in various bases such as oil and water, containers such as rectangular, and spray can.

After thorough research and a detailed discussion with the painter at Potts Point, an appropriate combination will yield the best result. Acrylic or water-based paints can be used to paint steel by applying an oil-based primer before its coating.

Steel is a tough and durable material that cannot be subjected to friction techniques. Hence, a special etching primer is used to treat the surface to accept paint. Primer ensures that the paint will bond to steel and act as a rust inhibitor when applied.

Oil-based metal paints are durable and highly resistant to stains and marks. They can be used to cover up any flaws, and the surface can quickly be neutralized after a layer of primer accompanies their application to obtain the best results.

Oil-based paint vs. Water-based paint

Oil-based paint is the preferred choice for painting outdoor steel surfaces such as fences, grills, and even indoor items like kitchen fittings and window frames. It is made up of pigments, alkyds (that are synthetic resins) or plant-based oil and solvent to give a firm coat for protection against water and stains, as well as resistance to dents and scuffs.

However, it’s slightly more expensive than water-based paint and is liable to crack or chip. Even the solvent emits smelly fumes while applying. It might fade over time; hence, the painters at Potts Point are well-trained to suggest oil-based paint with built-in fade protection.

Furthermore, applying an oil-based primer for a uniform finish is recommended. Paints that have an oil base generally take six to eight hours to dry completely. In contrast, water-based paints offer faster drying and fewer fumes. Therefore, it is advisable to go for water-based acrylic paint for light indoor steel items like bed frames or night tables. It is also pocket-friendly compared to oil-based paint.

Acrylic paint consists of pigments, acrylic resins, and water. It has a bearable smell that diffuses quickly once the paint has dried up. Acrylic paint is now considered a better option for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens as the low content of organic materials inhibits the growth of mildew and mold. It is also resistant to cracks, chipping, and fading. The only drawback is that it provides minimal protection against dents, stains, and scuffs.

Spray paint vs. brush paint

Spray paint is faster and easier than brush paint and dries much more quickly. Steel is a suitable surface for spray paint, and it is usually advised by the painter in Potts Point to spray paint steel furniture, especially those with small pieces and intricate designs. Spray paint cans contribute to complete and smooth coverage of irregular surfaces along with fewer applications than the strokes required for a brush.

        Types of Spray Paint

Type of Paint Where can it be used? Examples
  1. Rust Resistant paint
Moisture-prone surfaces Outdoor steel furniture or interior features like backsplash frequently come in contact with water and humidity.
  1. High Heat paint

(Formulated with heat-resistant resins to withstand high temperatures)

Heat generating surfaces Radiator, outdoor grill, and firepit to prevent peeling when exposed to high temperatures generated by the appliances.

To put it in a nutshell, the best paint for steel is most commonly an oil-based one with a semi-gloss finish. However, suppose water-based paints are used to cut costs and avoid the pungent smell of oil-based paints. In that case, it is mandatory to use a primer containing an oil base before applying the water paint to inhibit rust.

Top One Painting Sydney paints residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Hence they have a thorough knowledge of paints specifically designed for each metal surface, including steel. Your preference plays a crucial role in deciding the type of paint to be used. Painter at Potts Point is renowned for its top-quality work by paying attention to minute details and providing excellent all-around service.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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