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What causes Garage Doors repairs in Camden?

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A garage door is the most basic and is one of the most important requirements of your everyday life. Imagine you are situated in Camden and getting ready for your office in Sydney and when you are opening the door of the garage you come to realize that it could not be opened. However, when something goes wrong with the garage door and you have no option of getting your car and you are getting late to the office, you will realize how important it is in your daily life. So it is important to hire the garage doors repairs Camden at the earliest when your garage gate begins to malfunction. Repairing them is not that difficult task and sometimes you can only perform the repairs if you have the essential tools. If you are not sure what to do you can immediately call the garage door repair services in Camden. They will help you and will treat your garage door repairs.

Common Garage Doors Repairs Camden

Before knowing about some of the more common problems and the repairs, it is important to have a better understanding of the garage door basics.

Garage door basics

With the entire garage door system, there are several working parts and components. These can be divided into three specific categories: the door, hardware components and the weather stripping.


With the doors, there is some general information that you need to know how it functions. The garage doors can open with up and down or left and right. They can be insulated or uninsulated. 

Hardware components

When it is the garage door hardware, the things can become a bit confusing for most of the people. When you look into the backside of your door you can see a variety of components. These things will work together and will create a perfect harmony to open and close the door. Some of the essential things that play a major role are,

  • Lifting cables
  • Springs
  • Hinges
  • Door rollers
  • Door tracks
  • Garage door opener

Most of the door components will be made up of galvanized steel and this resists corrosion better than the regular steel. The thing that you have to remember with the steel is the gauge rating. If the gauge is lower, the steel will be thicker.


Weatherstripping is an important feature that your door should have. That keeps the rain and water from getting into the garage. This also blocks out the wind when they are sealed properly. On the bottom of the door, it is necessary to have some sort of rubberized weather stripping which can stop the water from running under the door and into the garage.

Some common garage door repairs

Now you will have a better understanding of the garage door basics. So now it is all about the common problems and the garage doors repairs Camden.

Broken springs

Your garage door will have something called springs. It is designed to open and close the door number of times. There are chances for it to break eventually you will know when you are at home. When the springs are broken, it will make a loud noise. At this time, opening and closing the door can be dangerous. Sometimes this can even cause personal injuries if it snaps off. When you see that the spring is broken in your garage door don’t try to open the door. Also, call and schedule a garage door repair service immediately. Until the door is fixed you can stay out of your garage.

Broken cables

The cables can be broken on their own. If a cable is broken then you can see one side of the door to be sagging when compared to the others. And also that side of the door may seem heavier. If the cables are broken then the door may not stay in one place. Instead, it will fall as soon as you lift and this can be a seriously dangerous thing.

Sticking rollers

When it is with the rollers, the rollers that are on the sides of the door should spin and turn. If the rollers are sticking or else sliding, the door will come off its tracks. This can even make opening and closing the door noisier. Leave it in the place if the door has come out off its tracks in either the opened or closed position. When you attempt to close or open the door then it could result in the cables and spring breakage. If the door is being noisy then you need to have the rollers replaced and the tracks cleaned.

The door closes and reopens

This kind of problem can happen when the automatic garage door opener needs to be adjusted. The openers will have the limit settings that can control the open and close functions. This kind of problem can be caused when there is something in front of the door sensors. Sometimes this sensor can detect if something is in the way and will cause the door to reopen.

The door opens but won’t close

This problem is concerned with the sensors. When the lenses get dirty or if something is directly there in front of them then this will prevent the door from closing. Therefore clean the lenses and verify that there is nothing in the way of the sensors. If the door doesn’t close still, you can call a garage doors repairs Camden technician.

As you can see here can be many reasons for a broken garage door. If you find your garage door not working then you can immediately contact a garage door repair technician.

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