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Using Specialized Equipment for Drain Cleaning: Advanced Solutions from Plumber

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Blockages form when hair, food, soap, scum, or other foreign objects flow down the drain. Contaminated water within a blocked drain can affect individuals who suffer from allergies.  

Drain cleaning equipment is crucial for maintaining a clear, fully functional, and efficient drainage system.  

Having the right equipment, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial settings can save you from experiencing foul odours and slow drainage or having to call a plumber in Glenbrook. 

Types of Drain Cleaning Equipment 

  • Drain Cameras
    Drain cameras are probably the first tools to be utilized. It is a flexible cable with a tiny camera on the end which sends a live feed to a monitor. With this camera, you can visually inspect the inside of pipes which allows you to easily detect blockages, leaks or damage. From here you can decide what actions or steps to take next.  
  • Plungers
    Use this equipment when the blockage is not too deep. They are used on blocked sinks, toilet showers, bathtubs, and other flat surface drains.  
  • Drain Snake
    Drain snakes are specially designed flexible metal cables used to navigate through pipes. Different specifications are available to suit various drain sizes.  
  • Motorized Drain Snake
    Motorized drain snakes have longer cables and a motor that facilitates greater reach. The cable can be pushed automatically until it reaches the blockage; thereafter, pressing a button will retract the cable.  
  • Drain Augers
    Drain snakes and drain augers are similar tools. In fact, both terms are often used interchangeably. However, drain snakes are used for smaller drains while drain augers tackle larger pipes. You may acquire a manual or motorized design of drain augers.  
  • Hydro-jetting Machines
    This clears up stubborn blockages by utilizing high-pressure water. It thoroughly removes every obstruction including grease, tree roots, scum, food residues, mineral deposits, and other debris. Severe blockages demand calling a professional plumber in Glenbrook.  
  • Hair Snake
    Hair causes drain blockages as the majority of the time it always ends up down the shower drain. After a while, single hair strands end up becoming knotted together. Hair snakes, which come in plastic and a variety of sizes, served to solve this problem.  
  • Cable Cleaning
    This involves using a cable with spinning blades at the end to cut through blockages. It comes in different models.  

How to Know Which Equipment to Use 

Several factors should guide your decision on which equipment to use. They include: 

  • Nature of the Problem
    Minor blockages usually require a simpler method or equipment than severe ones. For instance, chemical cleaners or augers are commonly used to clear minor blockages while severe ones require hydro-jetting or more specialized equipment.  
  • The Plumbing System 
    Plumbing systems differ according to whether it is being used in a residential commercial or industrial setting. Each of these has its own specific needs requiring different drain cleaning equipment.  

Blocked drains require a wide array of tools and sometimes a professional plumber in Glenbrook is well trained in their use. 
You should invest in high-quality equipment to keep your system running optimally. It will help you save time and costs from regular replacements.  

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