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Troubleshooting Common Roller Door Issues: DIY Fixes and When to Call for Repairs in St Marys

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Roller doors are one of the most common garage doors you will find in St Marys and Australia as a whole. These doors, besides being quite easy to use, can protect your house and family from terror.  

However, this purpose does not absolve them of problems. Then again, they bear the brunt of the harsh weather conditions while you sit warm and cozy inside your home, which serves to justify requirements for all roller door repairs in St Marys 


Common Roller Door Issues  

Common roller door issues include: 

  • Loud screeching noises during open and close motion 
  • Door closing too quickly while closing 
  • Harsh Weather problems 
  • Lost Broken Remote  
  • Broken or out-of-place wires 
  • Guides and Windlocks issues 
  • Door refusing to budge after being stuck 
  • Pest infestation 
  • Misaligned Door Track 
  • Disrupted Power Source 

DIY Fixes for Roller Door Issues  

Clean the Door 

Loud screeching noises in smooth movement usually mean there is dirt, mud, hair, fur, and dust in the tracks of the door. 

To clean the roller door and track, begin by using a screwdriver to loosen the roller adjustment screws counterclockwise. Pull the rollers out with a screwdriver. If they appear to be damaged, replace them immediately. If they are dirty, clean them with a cloth and rub them with denatured alcohol.  


Winter brings in more moisture than other seasons and this can affect smooth movement by causing rust. Hence the rollers need to be oiled on a regular basis in order to function properly. 

Replace the Remote 

If your automatic door is opening halfway or not opening at all, you should check your remote control and replace the battery with a functional one if necessary. Make sure your replacement is compatible with your door. 

Check Faulty Switches and Change Damaged Cords 

If your door refuses to open or close, ensure that the switch is adequately connected to a power source that is transmitting power. If the problem persists check for and replace any faulty cord. 

Obstructions in the Guide or Track 

If your roller door has become heavier than usual or your motor appears to be faulty, before calling a roller door technician, check the guides and windlocks. Wipe them with a clean rag if they are full of grit.  

Roller Door Issues for Professional Repairs  

Snapped Cables 

Broken or out-of-place wires can pose a danger to the people you care about. Call a technician or agency for roller door repairs in St Marys to fix it.  

Torsion Springs and Motor Replacement 

Springs are the most important part of your roller door. When the springs fail, your door becomes a lot heavier and this puts great on the motor. Do not attempt to replace torsion springs without professional assistance if you are not trained.  

When all else has Failed 

Further issues after you have tried to solve the problem will require a technician for roller door repairs in St Marys. 


To avoid frequent roller door repairs in St Marys, the best practice is to install quality products that will last longer and not wear out as quickly.  

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