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Top mistakes you need to avoid when building pergolas

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Today, pergolas are one of the most important components of modern and luxurious homes, especially in a place like Canberra. Where nature is amazing, it’s hard to resist the urge to enjoy under a beautiful pergola in your home. When it comes to pergolas, there is an ocean of options available. The choices for materials, colours, textures and properties are endless.  

Pergolas are used in homes to enhance the beauty of open spaces where people gather and enjoy some food and drinks. Each type of Pergolas in Canberra has unique properties that make them desirable. For example, if you purchase an open-neck pergola, the open-air space will immediately turn into an amazing hangout spot that gives relaxation when being around.

Pergola buying mistakes

Sometimes, people make mistakes when it comes to buying a pergola. This is because many of them are first-timers, and there are endless options that overwhelm homeowners. People make all kinds of mistakes that result in them having a pergola of the wrong size, colour, material, cost, or properties. Read below to learn more about pergolas so that you can avoid making mistakes when buying them.  


You need to choose a pergola builder before or after buying the pergola. Choosing the pergola builders after buying the pergola you want in your home is advised. This will help you ensure that the builders you chose have the ability to work with the kind of pergola you bought.  

To further find out about your pergola builder, you can look for online reviews about them from their previous customers. You can even visit the homes that your pergola builder worked on to check their quality of work.  

You need to choose a builder who can work on custom-built pergolas because every home is unique and have unique needs that need to be solved by skilled professionals.  

Right material

Make sure the pergola you select has a minimum lifespan of ten years. Material choice is among the essential aspects. Wood, steel/aluminium, concrete, or PVC/vinyl is the most typical materials used to build arched pergolas. Among these, wood is the most resilient and popular.  

Yet, buyers can easily become confused about which wood type is best for their needs when so many options are available. These include redwood, teak, cedar, and imported hardwoods. The sort of materials you pick for Pergolas in Canberra are the key factors in determining how long your pergola will last.  


This is a part of selecting the right builder for installing a pergola in your home. As a homeowner, you need to make sure the builder you chose has a builder’s license and home warranty insurance. Many homeowners automatically think all pergola builders have licenses and insurance, but it is not the truth in reality. 

Selecting a builder without a license or insurance will affect the quality of the pergola installation. Pergola builders without reputation might intend to attain monetary gains as much as they could. A pergola builder who focuses on building a reputation will provide excellent services.   

Moisture issue

Inexpensive pergola components will last longer in a dry, sunny environment. In harsh and most climates, however, keep in mind that their structure will eventually deteriorate. Many people don’t consider the weather and wind up buying useless pergolas for their backyards. 

So that you can avoid long-term deterioration problems, you need to figure out how much moisture is in the air. Pergolas do best in mild, dry climates, but harsh conditions and significant wetness will harm the wood. Pergola covers are another way you may shield your structures from dampness. 

Final thoughts

Ensure the pergola’s manufacturer will give you replacement components before you buy a pergola. The manufacturer should be able to give you extra pieces in the future, even if you order a customised pergola.  

As a result, you should search for manufacturers with at least five years of experience in the field. Choosing a reputable manufacturer of Pergolas in Canberra that has the benefit of enabling them to offer the greatest guarantee for your pergola. Don’t forget to inquire about the warranty restrictions with the manufacturers.


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