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Top 5 Tips to Ensure Your Kitchen Drains Don’t Clog

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A kitchen drain clog can become a nuisance, disrupt your routine, and throw a wrench in your lunch or dinner plans. Clogged drains are normal and common, but they can ruin your plans, ambience, and mood like nothing else. 

The last thing you need at any time of your day is a blocked drain.  

Nonetheless, if you require professional assistance, there are plenty of experienced plumbers in Glenmore Park. Here, we’ll find ways you can ensure your kitchen drain is flowing freely: 

1) Not Everything Goes Down the Drain 

You’d ask why your kitchen drain clogs in the first place. The reason could be that you are dumping everything down the drain. You have to be mindful of what you’re throwing in your sink. Avoid throwing oil or grease in your sink, because it’s the most common reason for clogged drains. You can pour the grease into a sealed bag and dispose of it in your bin. 

To avoid any food scraps from going into the drain, you can use a drain strainer for this purpose. Even sinks with disposals can get blocked. To prevent that, you should not throw coffee grounds, vegetable peels, and egg shells into the garbage disposal. 

2) Use a Sink Strainer 

Using a sink strainer can help significantly when it comes to preventing clogged drains. The strainer will make sure that no food debris goes into your drain and blocks your pipes. Another thing to keep in mind is emptying the strainer when it becomes full.  

You can easily find the perfect sink strainer for your kitchen sink at a hardware store.  

3) Regular Drain Cleaning 

Part of being mindful of what goes into your drain is regular cleaning of your drain. Make sure you clean the drain strainer or stopper properly to avoid any food scraps or other things going down the drain.  

Another thing you can consider is readily available drain cleaners. They can help immensely to make sure your drains aren’t getting clogged. However, you should steer clear of harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes. A safe option is to acquire assistance from trusted plumbers in Glenmore Park. 

4) Pouring of Hot Water 
Hot water can help melt the fat that is blocking your pipe. You can pour hot water once in a while into your drain so food debris can easily pass down the pipe. Doing this will help if there is gunk or food particles accumulated in the drain. 

There are plenty of home remedies to clean the drain, including a combination of vinegar and baking soda. This will break down the grease and prevent odours. 

5) Get Professional Services
If you are still unsure if there won’t be a clogged drain, you can get drain cleaning services from professionals. There are plenty of plumbers in Glenmore Park who are very good at their jobs. They can take care of everything from the cleaning to the inspection of your pipes and everything in between. A professional plumbing service can ensure the built-up debris and waste stuck in the pipes is removed. 

Penrith Plumbing And Hot Water is the best in the game in terms of these services. They can alleviate you with blocked drains, hot water system repairs, gas and water leaks, and more. 

Wrapping Up:
Prevention of kitchen drain clogs requires conscientious habits and proactive maintenance. While some of the above-mentioned tips to prevent clogged drains are fairly straightforward. It is important to mention that once in a while, professional help is needed. It can be a tedious task to deal with clogging drains, so if you are repeatedly dealing with those, professional help may be the ultimate solution. 

If you have any other tips to share, let us know in the comments! 

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