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Timber Flooring in Wollongong: Understanding the Various Types and Benefits

Timber flooring in Wollongong is all about timber and wood. However, this type of flooring is popular among homeowners because of its inherent charm, aesthetics, look, and durability. Today, timber floors are available in various styles, and all of them have their essential benefits. Apart from that, they have become more affordable than before. The flooring in the house gives a warm and comfortable feeling to the feet. It beautifies and enhances the visual appeal and look of the house, but it makes the place more cozy and comfortable.

Categories of Timber Floor:

It is essential to notice that timber flooring has more than one layer to reach 11 segments or more. Most of the timber floors have three or five layers in place. Most importantly, timber floor comprises two essential categories. The first one is unfinished, and the second one is prefinished. Unfinished timber flooring requires sanding and coating on site. It also has a natural appearance.

On the contrary, prefinished timber flooring does not require sanding and coating on site. Thus, one can see its completion process in the factory. Prefinished flooring needs UV coating, and the wood is ready to be carved.

Different Types of Timber Flooring and Their Benefits:

If you are looking for a new floor to install in your home, timber flooring is the best option. They are timeless choices, including natural warmth and beauty. Moreover, it includes various colors, grains, and finishes. However, there are many choices available for timber flooring, and one can choose them according to their needs and requirements. The following are various types of timber flooring in Wollongong and their benefits. 

  • Solid Timber Flooring:

As the name says, solid timber flooring is the king of flooring. The best thing about this timber flooring is that it uses actual pieces of timber. Then its cutting helps to make full floorboards. Hence, this will give you a completely natural floor that you can use for decades.

Benefits of Sold Timber Flooring:

  • Premium Look and Feel:

One of the best benefits of the solid timber flooring is that it looks and feels authentic and is also very sturdy underfoot. Thus, they are the real deal, which shows in their appearance. All they get is the natural beauty and charm of original timber.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain:

These timber floorings provide a challenging flat surface, requiring only minimal cleaning. Therefore, it does not trap any dust and grime. One can do only occasional mopping and cleaning as they are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

  • Durable:

Solid timber flooring is the best option if you want a floor for challenging traffic areas like a living room. They come with a coating of hard-wearing finishes like polyurethane that resists all types of dents and scratches, making them more durable.

  • Engineered Timber Flooring:

Engineered timber flooring is another most popular timber flooring. It is an excellent alternative to solid timber flooring. However, this flooring comes with multi-layered construction with a thin layer of hardwood and affordable plywood.

Benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring: 

  • Stability:

Engineered timber floors are very stable as they don’t change with the weather condition. On the other hand, solid timber floor has this problem but engineered timber floor will limit all the creaking in extreme conditions.

  • Authentic Look and Feel:

Solid and engineered timber flooring look the same when you see their surface, but there is only one difference between them. Thus, engineered timber flooring has wider floorboards over 100mm wide than that brings out the unique grain and natural features of the timber.

  • Affordable:

There is less wood in this type of timber flooring, so it becomes more affordable than solid timber flooring. Moreover, it can deliver a look and better wood quality with little compromise. 

  • Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring is highly affordable flooring. It is a print layer that shows the digital image of a floor. Similarly, it consists of a highly durable top coating with the base of high-density fiberboard.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring:

  • Easier to Maintain:

Compared to solid and engineered wood flooring, it is relatively easier to maintain as they are scratch and fade resistant. 

  • Floating Floor:

The installation is one of the unique things about this floor as it depicts a floating floor. Hence, this thing makes it cheaper to install and prepare.

  • Surface:

The surface of laminating floor is high definition printed layer. Therefore, interior designers come with hundreds of styles and colors.

So, after seeing the above types and benefits now, it’s totally up to you which timber flooring in Wollongong you will choose for your home.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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