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Things You Need To Know About DIY Road Sawing

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Road sawing is an arduous task, and even more so if you don’t have prior experience. Perhaps you want to use a road saw to cut concrete. In that case, there is some basic knowledge you should know to help make your task much easier. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the road saw, what it is, and how to use it so you can work safely and effortlessly when road sawing in Wollongong. 

What is a Road Saw? 

Road saws are often referred to as concrete saws, floor saws, slab saws or cutting saws. They are hand-held machines that are designed to cut through solid materials easily. They also come in different models. There are small handheld road saws, walk-behind road saws, and even chop saws. 

These road saws come with different kinds of blades depending on the material to be cut. For instance, when cutting concrete, stone or asphalt, diamond saw blades are often the most preferred choice. However, there are different kinds of diamond saw blades which we will discuss later in this article. 

How Road Saws Work 

The walk-behind saws are heavy equipment that are easy to use. They are built to keep vibration levels at a minimum so the person operating it wouldn’t have much trouble by building in shock absorbers and adjustable handlebars for easy height adjustment. 

The walk-behind road saws are built so that the weight of the water tank and the engine is optimised to make the diamond blades easily push down into the cut. Along with a powerful engine, the walk-behind road saws are very reliable, making road sawing in Wollongong an easy task. 

Before using this equipment, ensure that you use safety equipment such as ear defenders, goggles and gloves. Once you turn on the equipment, ensure that you choose the depth of cut that you want to make by using the indicator.  

The blade spins at high speeds when turned on, cutting the hard surface beneath it. Either batteries or petrol can power this blade. Controls can also be attached to the equipment to adjust the blade speeds.  

Once you are done cutting the hard surface, make sure to raise the blade out of the hard surface before turning it off. Turning off the blade while still inside the surface you used it to cut will damage the blade. The performance of the road saw is dependent on the kind of blade used with it; hence it is important to use the right kind of blade. 

Best Blades to Use With a Road Saw 

Diamond blades are the best kinds of blades to use with a concrete cutter. They are made from high-quality steel, and as the name suggests, they are made with diamonds embedded into the blades.  

These are not the same diamonds found in jewellery and other accessories but are synthetic, allowing for better control over the size, strength and shape of crystals. The blades of a road saw are divided into three parts which include the core, gullet and segment.  

The core is the central disk to which the diamond is bonded, while the segment is the bonded diamond part of the blade that is welded or brazed to a blade’s core. Gullets are the slots in the blade’s core that provide faster cooling by allowing water or air to flow in between the segments. 

The stronger the bond between the core and the segment, the stronger the road saw would be. This bond varies between softness or hardness for each blade. As the blades are used, the bonds between them are designed to wear down and expose more of the diamonds making the blades stay sharp for long periods.  

When choosing a blade, remember that the harder the material that needs to be cut, the softer the bond strength should be. 


When road sawing in Wollongong, safety should be taken into utmost consideration. DIY concrete sawing can be an easy task; however, it is dangerous work. Having a professional handle your road sawing needs is a recommended option. 


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