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Things You Must Explore When Looking for the Best Daycare in Dural

Do you know that approximately 55% of married couples with children have both parents working? When both parents are working, high-quality daycare is essential. Choosing a place for your child to be cared for while you work can be stressful and intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Choosing a creche or daycare in Dural for your child is difficult. For many hours of the day, the carers at the center will be in charge of your kids. You must trust the center and its staff and be at ease leaving your kid there. Gaining that level of trust takes time. However, when choosing a center, you must be sure that it is the proper environment for your kid. You cannot concentrate on your task without this level of comfort. In addition, you will be continually concerned about your kid’s health. 

Let’s dive in deeply to explore the things you should look into when searching for the best daycare in Dural for your kid- 

Location and timings  

You must pick if you want the daycare in Dural to be close to your home, your work, or your partner’s work. The main thing is that you can get to the center swiftly in an emergency. Therefore, the daycare center’s hours should correspond to your working hours. In addition, if your work hours are uncertain, you may select a center that is more accommodating in this regard. 


Do CCTV cameras monitor the daycare center? Is the parents’ mobile phones able to view the live footage? Being able to watch their child at any time is usually a significant consideration for parents when choosing a daycare in Dural. 

Clear communication 

A good daycare in Dural should contact parents frequently and keep open communication lines for parents to discuss any difficulties or concerns they may have. In addition, if you need to contact the administration team, teachers, or other staff, you can do so easily via phone, email, or in person. 

A quality daycare will also communicate with you regularly about new policies, changes at the center, and general updates. These may be weekly newsletters, applications with daily updates and pictures of what your child did that day, or even social media posts. 


Are the fees of daycare in Dural within your budget? How do they compare to other centers you’re considering? The fees can vary significantly based on the reputation of the center, its location, and its facilities. 

Safety and cleanliness 

Cleanliness is critical, especially when so many children share toys and other stuff. Ensure that the center is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected regularly. Take note of how clean things are when you go on a tour.  

The importance of safety cannot be overstated. Inquire about their drop-off and pick-up processes. Who will they hand over your child to? What safety measures are in place for guests or anyone who enter the center? Furthermore, classrooms should be secured appropriately based on the ages of the students in the room.  

Happy kids and caring teachers 

When visiting potential daycares, pay close attention to the children and teachers. Do you see children who appear joyful, interested, and at ease? Examine how the teachers and children interact and how the youngsters engage with one another. Spending a few minutes observing will typically give you an impression of the environment in Daycare in Dural.

Low employee turnover rate 

Many daycares are infamous for having excessive employee turnover. While it is natural for teachers to come and go, you do not desire your child to have a substitute teacher every other week. Inquire with the daycare director about turnover, how long their employees have been with the center, and how long they have been in charge. 

Low turnover indicates that your child can get to know and bond with their instructor, which also shows a pleasing workplace. Well-treated employees are loyal and stay with organizations for a long time.  

Adequate teacher-to-child ratios 

The size of the center – the number of kids – is significant. Is the number of caretakers sufficient? There are established teacher-to-child ratios that all licensed daycares must adhere to. The ratio increases for older children since they do not require as much specialized attention as infants. 


Choosing a daycare in Dural can be a difficult task. After all, you put your child’s education, safety, and care into their hands. It’s not an easy decision, but with some research, understanding what questions to ask, and trusting your instincts, you can locate the best daycare in your area. 

Consider Wiggles and Giggles if you are looking for childcare and daycare in Dural. Each service is led by a fully qualified team of instructors who use a proven curriculum to help your kid thrive, from our baby’s room to getting your children ready for school. We are highly dedicated to making early childhood education delightful, engaging, and enjoyable. Call us today to schedule a tour of the daycare center and learn more about our daycare services. 

Disclaimer: This is generic information and posts; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.    

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