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The Real Difference Between Skylight And Rooflight

Designing a new house could be a challenge to tackle but not knowing the real difference between roof light and skylight in Newcastle can ruin the whole aesthetics. However, there are many styles and types of both of them but the purpose of both is to let the natural light inside the house. 

We’ve got a purposeful guide for you to know the difference between both and choose them wisely according to your home’s interior.  

So, let’s dive inside each term to understand them better.  

What Is Skylight? 

Skylight is a broad term; they are the most basic interior window option to allow natural light in the house. Skylights are suitable for any property with pitched traditional roofs. They are most commonly used in areas like hallways, lofts and other storage areas that do not frequently have much movement. There are various types of skylights that can be chosen according to the homeowner’s ideal design. Moreover, skylight windows are often fitted with electric motors that help in ventilating the room.  

What Is Roof light? 

Roof lights are similar to the skylights however the fitting style is the only difference between them. Rooflights are fitted out of the plane with the level of tiling. It is done to let the water run off the roof. Roof Light fittings use a kerb system whenever fitted on the flat roof. The rooflights are the perfect way to bring in daylight without adjusting the aesthetics of the room. Moreover, these windows give the illusion of a brighter and bigger room. Rooflights are available in a range of designs and styles that can be chosen according to the room. 

We hope that the above-mentioned clear and precise definition is enough to identify both the terms. Now let’s talk about the types of rooflights and skylights.  

Types Of Rooflights And Skylights:  

When it comes to the types of rooflights and skylights, there are many options available. You can choose them for your existing interior and exterior. However, the most popular styles include:  

  1. Walk On Rooflight:
    Walk-on rooflights are usually installed on the terrace where pedestrians can walk. Yet these rooflights are strengthened enough to bear the weight of people walking on it while it allows a good amount of daylight in your room.  

  1. Electric RoofLight: 
    If your room has a high ceiling, then electric roof light is a great solution. The electric motor allows room to ventilate and windows are controlled by the panels.  

  1. Sun Tubes:
    Sun tubes are the design to bring in sunlight for the smallest areas. Reflective tubing helps in dispersing the light to the ceiling and eventually brightens the space.  

  1. Roof Lanterns: 
    The roof lanterns are contemporary style to add to the aesthetic of your room. They can immediately transform any commercial or residential room, hallways into an illuminated space.   

  1. Sliding Rooflights:
    If you’re looking for fresh air into the room with the natural light, then sliding roof lights are the one. They can slide open and can support their own weight. Now, you can take control of natural lighting as well as fresh air in your room.  

  1. Opening Roof Lights:
    Opening roof lights also helps in controlling ventilation and natural lighting. The major advantage of using opening roof light is that you can control the temperature by opening the specific areas.. 

Final Words: 

Summing up the content, roof lights or skylights in Newcastle play an important role in transforming any room. However, most homeowners usually need clarification on the terms and think they’re the same thing, affecting the interior aesthetics of your place.

Therefore, to guide our readers, we sum up this quick guide. If you have any questions regarding skylight or roof lights then contact us through our online support.  

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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