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Surprises with Garage Doors: Things You Didn’t Know

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Your garage door is an essential feature of your house since it provides safety, ease of use, and protection for your vehicles and possessions. However, it is common for homeowners to experience unanticipated garage door problems. In this post, we will look at some frequent Batemans Bay garage door repair issues you may need to be aware of, illuminating these surprises and suggesting potential remedies.  

The garage door won’t open or close 

It could be for a variety of reasons that your garage door is not responding to your signals. Check the receiver and keypad batteries first to rule them out as the source of the problem. If the batteries are fine, inspect the garage door opener unit to ensure all lights are turned on and functional.   

As you begin to rule out the source of the problem, take these issues one at a time. If something else is needed, seek professional assistance in diagnosing the problem.  

Track Misalignment    

Misaligned tracks are one of the fewer-known problems impacting your garage door. The mechanisms that regulate the door’s movement may get crooked over time owing to various circumstances, such as loose hanging brackets, tear and damage, or unintentional collision. When such an event occurs, your garage door may have trouble opening and shutting effectively, making weird noises, or even becoming stuck halfway. If left unattended, it can cause additional harm to the door and opener function.  

To resolve this issue, thoroughly inspect the rails for any evident symptoms of mismatch. It is critical to contact a professional Batemans Bay garage door repair specialist if you see any gaps between the rollers and trails, as well as any bends or scratches. They have the knowledge and skills to carefully realign the tracks, assuring an effortless and secure functioning of your garage door.  

Shattered springs   

Garage door springs are essential for sustaining the door’s weight and allowing it to move around. However, numerous homeowners are astonished to learn of the dangers associated with faulty springs. When these springs break down, they can unleash a substantial amount of trapped energy, causing the door to crash shut abruptly or possibly collapse.  

If you hear a loud crash or your garage door suddenly becomes overweight or challenging to lift manually, the spring has most likely broken. It is critical to avoid seeking to repair or replace the spring on your own because it is exceedingly risky. Contact Batemans Bay garage door repair specialist who has expertise in garage door repairs instead. They will have the appropriate equipment and expertise to securely repair the broken spring and restore the door’s functionality.  

Sensor Malfunction  

Modern garage doors have security features that identify objects or people in the door’s route and prevent it from shutting and injuring someone. However, these sensors can occasionally fail, resulting in unexpected problems. Sensor malfunctions are commonly caused by misalignment, particles or dirt obscuring the sensors, or wiring issues.  

If your garage door begins to close and then instantly reverses without any blockages, it could be a sensor issue. Begin by determining whether anything is blocking the sensor’s route. Check that the sensors are clean and correctly positioned. If the problem persists, seek the assistance of a professional to evaluate and repair the sensor system. Ignoring sensor faults might jeopardize the safety of your garage door and endanger you and your family.  


While garage doors are generally dependable, it is vital to be aware of the common issues that can occur unexpectedly. Maintaining a properly functioning garage door for years is possible by staying informed and solving problems once they arise. Always get expert assistance for any Garage Door Repair in Batemans Bay to ensure security and avoid future issues. You can trust Batemans Bay Garage Door repair specialists to deliver the best results for your property in Batemans Bay and surrounding areas. Our technicians are completely equipped to perform comprehensive garage door repair and maintenance.   


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