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Spare Tyres: All you need to know!

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Experience a flat tyre, you can switch it out with a spare. However, driving on a spare tyre is only a temporary solution. If you wait too long to replace your spare car tyres in Wollongong with a long-term solution, you could encounter a wide range of problems on the road. The length of time you can drive on a spare tyre depends on the tyre itself. In fact, many spare tyre options are available, including full-size, donut, and run-flat varieties. Matching and non-matching full-size spare tyres are the same size as the tyres currently on your car. A matching full-size spare tyre is exactly the same as the other tyres on your car, while a non-matching spare is only the same size as your vehicle’s tyres.  


As you search for the right spare tyre for your car, here are important things you need to know: 

Spare Tyres Must Be Maintained 

Much in the way your car tyres in Wollongong require periodic maintenance, you need to evaluate the condition of your spare tyre regularly. To do so, you should check the pressure of your car’s spare tyre every time you have your vehicle’s tyres inspected and rotated. 

Spare Tyres Sometimes Get Recalled 

Tyre manufacturers sometimes recall their tyres, so you need to keep an eye out for potential recalls. Recalls may be issued on all types of tyres. 

Spare Tyres May Need to Be Replaced 

A spare tyre may need to be replaced, even if you have never used it. In most instances, a car’s spare tyre should be replaced approximately every eight years. Your car’s manual can provide details about how frequently you should replace your vehicle’s spare tyre. 

Spare Tyres May Activate Your Car’s Warning Lights  

When you place a spare tyre on your car and start driving, your vehicle may activate the brake and anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning lights on your vehicle’s instrument panel. This can occur if a spare tyre rotates faster than the other tyres on your car. In this scenario, don’t panic. Instead, continue to drive safely, reach your destination, and replace your spare tyre with a long-lasting solution. 

Spare Tyres Must Be Changed Properly 

If you are unsure about how to replace a flat tyre with a spare, there is no need to leave anything to chance. Because if you make a mistake when changing a flat tyre and try to drive a car with an improperly installed spare, you could put yourself and others in danger. 

How Fast Can You Drive on a Spare Tyre? 

Generally, 50 mph is the fastest you should drive on a spare tyre. Although there are exceptions where the manufacturer states their tyres can travel greater than 50 mph, doing so would increase the risk of a blowout, especially if the spare tyre has been previously used. Thus, you should try to keep your car speed under 50 mph until you can replace your spare tyre. 

“Spare car tyres in Wollongong are crucial, and you should always keep one in your car. That way, if you experience a flat tyre, you can use your spare to help you get where you want to go. The quality of your spare tyre dictates how far you can drive on it. For instance, a donut spare tyre tends to be less durable than a full-size matching or non-matching spare tyre. As such, a donut spare tyre is more susceptible to damage than a full-size alternative if you are driving a long distance. 

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