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Some Causes Of Blocked Drains In Springwood And Ways To Clear Them

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Is your sink clogged, your bath too long to drain, or your toilet not flushing correctly? These are all frequent symptoms of blocked drains in Springwood, the network of pipes that securely transports wastewater and sewage away from your property. Unfortunately, blocked drains are a common issue for households in Springwood. Fortunately, assistance is available!  

In this blog, we will look at the most common reasons for blocked drains in Springwood, as well as preventative measures you may take to lessen the likelihood of a clog forming.   

If you’re suffering from the adverse effects of frequent blockages, or if you have a stubbornly blocked drain that you can’t clear yourself, the Blue Mountains Plumbing And Hot Water professionals can address the problem swiftly and competently. 

Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains In Springwood And Advice To Clear Them 

Some of the most common reasons for drainage system obstructions are detailed here, as well as some top advice compiled by your trusted experts to clear your blocked drains in Springwood.


When hair enters the drainage system, it forms a mesh through which microscopic debris particles can become stuck. This soon causes a clog, which can be difficult to dislodge. 

Installing hair traps in your bath and shower is the easiest way to ensure that hair shed during bathing and washing is correctly disposed of. 

Wipes, cotton wool, cotton buds, and other toiletry items 

It’s too familiar for bathroom trash to wind up in the toilet. Sanitary towels, baby wipes, and other similar products are too large to pass comfortably through the sewer pipe, increasing the likelihood that they may become caught and cause a clog. 

Food scraps and grease 

Pouring heated fat down the drain or allowing pieces of fat to be poured down the sink with dirty dishes is a formula for disaster. When fat is exposed to the cool sewage pipes, it soon solidifies, forming a deposit that is extremely difficult to remove.  

Unfortunately, fat does not respond well to do-it-yourself unblocking. The fat obstruction must be mechanically broken down and eliminated in most situations. In addition to properly disposing of grease and oil, we recommend installing a grease trap if you often use significant amounts of fat. It’s also worth investing in traps for your kitchen sink faucet plug hole to keep food scraps and other debris out. 

Toys and other bizarre stuff 

Plumbers are frequently called to check a blocked toilet, only to discover that the blockage was caused by a toy dinosaur or other item one of the family’s younger members had flushed away. The most straightforward approach to avoid this scenario is to simply supervise small children in the bathroom and keep anything that could easily be flushed away out of reach. 

How Do You Clear Blocked Drains In Springwood? 

The best technique to unclog a clogged drain depends on what’s causing the blockage and how tenacious the obstruction is. In general, blockages might be mechanical or chemical. 

Mechanical obstructions, such as toys or toiletry, can occasionally be fished with a drain snake. Alternatively, they may loosen when suction is supplied via a plunger. Professional assistance is usually required if the item is tightly jammed. 

Chemical blockages, usually fatbergs, can be cleared by using hot, soapy water or a specific drain cleaner. These methods can work for minor blockages, but larger ones (especially if the fat has tangled with hair to form a solid mass) will likely require professional removal.


Although DIY solutions to clear blocked drains in Springwood can be effective, Blue Mountains Plumbing And Hot Water can assist if you are experiencing recurring blockages or are unable to address the problem yourself. Our experienced plumbers can unclog any drain safely and quickly. If necessary, we will also offer appropriate corrective actions to guarantee that your drains remain clear in the future. 


Q1 What should you do if your drain is blocked? 

Ans- When you have blocked drains in Springwood, the most obvious thing to do is call a plumber. There are some do-it-yourself methods for unclogging drains. However, the scenario may be analogous to treating a condition without consulting a doctor. 

When you try do-it-yourself methods to unclog drains, you will never find the source of the obstacle and will have no idea if the problem will reoccur. When underlying issues that cause blocked drains are ignored, they can lead to worse difficulties. 

Our experts for clearing blocked drains in Springwood have over years of experience and can not only unclog the drain but may also assist you in determining the reason or recommending long-term remedies. 

Q2 What are some obvious signs of clogged drains? 

Ans- One of the most significant signs to watch is overflowing or slow drains. Blocked drains can also cause a foul odor in your kitchen or bathroom. Aside from that, gurgling drains indicate that something is amiss with your drain. 

Q3 What does it cost to unclog clogged drains? 

The cost of drain plumbing in Springwood varies depending on the immediacy, area, and repair options required. The cost of clearing a blocked drain begins at $99. A drain camera is inserted to diagnose the condition in the initial stage. After that, you would be offered a solution depending on the severity of the problem. 

Disclaimer: This is generic information and posts; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.    

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