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Signs you should hire a Garage Door Repair expert

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What role does your garage door play in your home? Have you ever thought about it? Many homeowners use their garage door every day without thinking twice about it. Unless, of course, it starts making strange noises or exhibits symptoms of malfunction. Garage doors, however, require regular maintenance to remain functional. Unless you fix them the right way, they can break down and cause a wide range of issues that require professional attention.  

It is common for almost all homeowners to have to repair their garage doors at some point. This can be as simple as replacing garage door springs or as complex as having a garage door repair company provide comprehensive service and repairs. Unless you have the necessary skills or experience, repairing garage doors can be dangerous. 

Squeaky noises, stuck openers, and any other problem that affects the operation of your garage doors are signs that need to be repaired. With Batemans Bay Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on providing the best garage door maintenance and repairs available. 

The following signs indicate that your garage door needs to be repaired. 

Wobbly or vibrating garage door 

Shaky garage doors pose a much greater risk to your safety because they directly impact your security. A garage door that squeaks is an indication that you need to hire a garage door repair service.  

Perhaps a loose nut or another important part holding the door together is causing the shake. The moment you notice that your overhead door is shaky, it’s time to contact an overhead door repair professional. 

Increasing energy bills 

It is common for people to blame their air conditioning and heating systems when they notice their energy bills have gone up for no apparent reason. When garage doors are broken or older, they use more energy than if they functioned properly. 

If your garage door doesn’t work properly, your home’s energy efficiency will be compromised, leading to higher energy bills. Energy-efficient garage doors help homeowners save on their energy bills. 

Weird or bizarre noise coming from the door 

The springs or tracks of your garage door might be faulty if it makes loud noises when opening or closing. Squeaking, scraping, or more noise may be heard from damaged doors. It may be necessary to repair or replace bent or misaligned tracks.  

This is the point where your local garage door repair technician can find out what is causing the unusual noise.  The Batemans Bay Garage Doors team will ensure that your door always receives solid repair work.  

Slow in Opening and Closing 

Garage doors sometimes fail to respond to commands quickly. It should take a few seconds for the garage door to move after pressing the opener. It is possible that the opener or the door itself is faulty if there is a delay or vibration as it opens.  

Possibly, the bottom-mounted sensors are dirty or misaligned, or the track is dirty or bent, which causes the door to get stuck. If you are having difficulty opening or closing your overhead door, you need to contact your local overhead door repair company. 

Your door appears to be misaligned 

As time passes, your garage door may appear to be drooping on one or both ends. 

An irregular construction on your garage door could lead to a slew of other problems. Your safety is already jeopardized at this juncture because the door could slide off at any time. If parts of the garage door have started to sag, employ an expert to make the necessary repairs.  


Your garage door will require repair and maintenance at some point, therefore it’s essential that you remain vigilant on it to identify various indications of trouble. If you’ve witnessed that your garage door isn’t running smoothly, it’s time to get in touch with a garage door repair firm. If you observe any of the above indications on your garage door, contact Batemans Bay Garage Doors right away. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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