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Signs that your Kitchen Sink has Blocked Drains

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Do you feel an unpleasant smell in your kitchen when washing dishes or doing regular chores? If yes, then it’s a clear sign that your kitchen sink has been blocked due to some waste residues.

The majority of the kitchen pipes block due to some unwanted or waste materials inside your sink pipeline. The best way is to look for a rapid solution to get rid of this blockage.

However, before doing anything else you should know whether your kitchen is temporarily blocked or not. In this article, you’ll learn how to unclog your blocked kitchen sink.

How to Avoid Drain Clogs from Entering your kitchen Sink?

Before you know the major signs of your sink blockage, you should know what can cause a blocked drain in Bowral and how to avoid it. Washing your dishes and putting all the leftover food scraps in the drain is the most convenient way to get rid of them, isn’t it?

It feels like it would take a lot of time for you to go to the trash bin and throw the leftovers, right? Well, even if it is so hard, you should never put anything down the drain.

People think that the flowing water will also take the food scraps with it. However, the scrap that you have put in the sink might result in a clogged drain. This will not only create a problem for you but also for your home and your environment.

If the food scraps fell into the drain, they can negatively affect the plumbing system. There are certain substances that you should never put in the drain, and it is crucial to know about each one of them.

Signs of Blocked Kitchen Sink 

Now, let’s have a look at some common signs that clearly show if your kitchen sink is blocked or not. In case it is blocked, then how to get rid of these blockages?

1- Unpleasant Smell 

One of the major signs is the unpleasant smell coming from your kitchen sink whenever you wash dishes or use water. There may be many reasons for this unpleasant smell. It might happen that your sink contains molds or fungi trapped inside the kitchen pipes.

Moreover, the decomposed organic matter or bacteria can also produce foul smells and cause drains in your pipelines. Hence, with this smell, you can guess that your sink has some severe blockage problems specifically when you turn on the hot water tab.

2- Strange Sounds 

When your kitchen sink is blocked, you will experience some unusual sounds coming from the water pipes. These gushing or gurgling sounds are a clear sign that your sink has a blockage inside. Sometimes trapped air in the water pipes can cause strange sounds and lead to blockage.

3- Slow Water Movement 

When there is some barrier in the path of water flow, then surely the movement is slow and uneasy. Similarly, a slower water flow than usual is a clear sign that your sewage system contains a blocked drain in Bowral. There may be several reasons for this blockage but the most common waste materials that cause drainage are:

  • Grease
  • Tree parts
  • Stains
  • Hair
  • Other wastes

Whether it’s some kind of debris, grease, or any other material in your pipelines, it will largely impact your sewage system and thus your pipes will be blocked. Not only this, but it can also cause health risks and damage your physical environment.

4- Water Leakage  

Besides slow water movement, overflow or complete leakage of water from the pipe also shows that your sink has been blocked. Leakage of excess water can also cause drains in the house pipes and you need to look for a rapid solution for this.

To confirm Blocked drain in Bowral, here is a quick recap of signs of clogged pipes:

  • There is a smelly odor in your sink.
  • Water is not going through properly in your sink.
  • Your sink keeps on throwing the water back.
  • It has a gurgling sound whenever water passes through it.

Besides this, you should never pour leftover cooking oil into the sink due to the above-mentioned consequences. The correct way to dispose of leftover oil is to pour it into a sealable container. Afterward, you can throw the container into the trash bin.

Apart from throwing it, you can also send it to a local recycling center. By doing this act, you will save yourself from a lot of drainage and environmental issues.


To avoid drainage damage, you should never pour your leftover cooking oil into the sink even if you are tired. Nevertheless, if you have poured oil accidentally, you can add hot water or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the sink. Besides this, the above-mentioned signs can clearly show you if your sink has a blocked drain or not.


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