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Short Guide On Ways To Unblock Blocked Drains In Springwood

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Few things are more annoying than a toilet that won’t flush or a faucet that won’t drain in the kitchen or bathroom. Usually, a clogged drain inside the home or further down the plumbing system is to blame. It is your responsibility to unclog the drain, whether it is on your property or inside your home. You can accomplish this on your own or employ a plumber. 

Causes Of Blocked Drains In Springwood:

Grease, fats, and leftover food 

Cooking oil and food scraps that make their way down your kitchen drain frequently cause blocked kitchen sinks. In addition, grease accumulation can adhere to the edges of your drains, gradually enlarging them until wastewater cannot travel through and more serious remedies are required.

Drainage system is old 

Elder pipes, such as metal or ceramic pipes, will experience particular vulnerability if your plumbing system is on the aging side of life. This is because calcium and magnesium deposits are attracted to the inner walls of older metal pipes. Particularly in corners, these deposits tend to accumulate and become obstructing. 

Due to normal ground movement over time, ceramic pipes may become out of alignment. When a drain no longer fits together precisely, particles like dirt and debris can get inside, ramp up inside the drain, and finally block the drain hole.

Objects from outside the drainage system 

The items that people will flush down toilet bowls may surprise you. For example, a bathroom bin is sometimes mistaken for your toilet. These things shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or into your plumbing system, including diapers, feminine hygiene products, cotton buds, children’s toys, cat litter, and the infamous flushable wipes. 

 Particularly in a busy home, foreign materials that don’t disintegrate at all or rapidly enough will quickly develop solid blocks. Even in households with a small number of occupants, a slow obstruction in the shower drain can be caused by the gradual accumulation of hair.  

How To Unblock Blocked Drains In Springwood? 

Blocking drains is one of the most recurring plumbing problems that people in Australia and other parts of the world experience daily. Therefore, it pays to be prepared to cope with a blockage because it might happen when you least expect them to.  

If obstacles are not removed, water may spill from your drains and damage your house or place of business. Pipes can break as a result of severe blockages, which can necessitate even more expensive repairs. 

Here are some of the primary ways to clear blocked drains in Springwood 


Unblocking drains with the trusty old plunger is surprisingly effective. It functions through the straightforward mechanics of blowing air down the drain, which forces the obstruction out.  

Before inserting the plunger, block the airflow with a damp cloth to increase pressure. Before using the plunger, ensure all other holes, such as a second tap, are shut. 

Boiling water 

The boiling water works well for modest buildups of fats and greases inside your pipes. Since the hot water melts the fats and oil, it frequently clears clogged kitchen drains the fastest. You can repeat this routinely to avoid obstructions. However, be cautious when pouring boiling water down your drains if the PVC pipes in your plumbing system are the majority. While hot water is fine, boiling water could harm the system. 

Streaming a pan of boiling water down a blocked drain is a speedy solution to remove the obstruction without needing more extreme procedures.  


Your pipes are subjected to a strong stream of water from hydro-jets. The resultant pressure then pushes the block out of the pipes and through them, enabling water to flow through them once more. While it is less efficient against substantial obstacles than snaking, this technique is considerably safer for your pipes.  

Although you can try hydro-jetting on your own, it is probably best to leave this process to a qualified plumber with the necessary skills to complete it correctly. 

Homemade cleaner 

Bicarb soda (baking soda) and white vinegar can be combined to make a homemade drain cleaner. Pour the vinegar later, then the bicarb, into the drain. Cover the drain to stop the solution from bursting out of the pipe. Bicarb and vinegar undergo a chemical reaction resulting in oxygen, which cleans the pipes by scouring them. 


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