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Safety Tips for Your Hot Water System

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Have you ever enjoyed a warm water shower in winter? Have you ever experienced hot water trickling down over you when you are particularly tired? if yes, then you must understand the importance of a hot water system. 

A hot water system is a household or commercial device that consists of a cylindrical container to keep the water warm for showers, cooking, and laundry. It is usually placed in storage areas or garages and are operated by gas or electricity. If there is any unattended problem in the hot water system, it can lead to a serious threat to your home and family. To ensure the safety of your loved ones, it is necessary to take a few precautionary measures.

  1. Ensure proper ventilation of your water heater 

According to hot water installation companies in Richmond, vents should be examined and maintained at least once a week because any improperly placed, broken down, or defunct vents lead to the spread of fumes inside the house instead of outside. The vents of the water heater should be free of dips and should be the same in diameter as the tank’s diverter. In areas of earthquake zones, the vents should be properly screwed in. 

  1. Check the temperature and pressure relief daily 

The temperature and pressure relief valve are installed in the hot water system as a safety measure so that it does not explode at extremely high temperatures or pressure. Residential valves are more prone to failure so they should be checked at least once a year by pulling them up. It is a very simple technique to check the valve and can be done by anyone in the house. When you pull the handle up, the water should be able to flow freely. If it does not flow or there are minimal drops, the valve needs replacement. Remember that the drain lines should not go up but down and out.  

These small problems can lead to large explosions, bodily damage or, in the worst case, to casualties. 

  1. Make sure there are no fire hazards near it 

If your water heater works on gas, you should remove every type of combustible material near it otherwise it can lead to a fire incident. Ropes, old clothes, flammable liquids, canisters, and garbage should be kept away from the pilot light because they can easily catch fire. A small crack in the water heater or a small leakage of fumes is enough to form a chemical reaction with this combustible stuff leading to fires. 

  1. Check temperature settings daily 

The size of the water heater should meet the size of the house and the needs of the people living in it. According to hot water installation experts in Richmond, the correct size of water heaters is very important otherwise these heaters can reach unsafe temperature and pressure levels. If you have bought a house with a pre-installed his water heater, it is your responsibility that you call the experts and get the size checked. The water heaters used in homes are usually smaller than the ones used for commercial purposes. Apart from this, homeowners should never exceed the temperature from 120-degree Fahrenheit. The markings of degree are only found in commercial heaters, so the temperature of home heaters is measured by a meat thermometer. This point is very important because anything that exceeds 130-degree Fahrenheit is a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. 

  1. Install a carbon monoxide detector 

Faulty ventilation can result in the release of fumes inside your house. To detect these fumes a carbon monoxide detector can be installed; this is the best option when your water heater is gas-operated. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. It is a health hazard as it kills about 200 people each year and another thousand are sent to the hospital. Carbon monoxide should not come in contact with any combustible material and should be taken very seriously. 

  1. Schedule regular servicing of your water heater 

Just like your car, your air conditioner, or any other machinery in your house, the water heater in your house also requires timely service. Water heater installation companies in Richmond recommend homeowners get their water heaters serviced every six months. This helps in detecting faults at an early stage and prevents any type of hazardous accident. 

  1. Location of the water heater 

The water heater should be installed in a place that is out of reach for children. If it is an electric water heater installed in a washroom, it is always better to install it above the head of the tallest person in your house otherwise, water will enter it during a shower, leading to a short circuit. 

These are just a few precautions given by the hot water installation companies in Richmond, but this is not the end. When talking about water heaters you need to be very cautious and have a regular look at the heater. Any small defect detected should be fixed immediately or else it can lead to serious consequences. It is always better to call a professional for assessment and maintenance of the water heater and especially when it comes to installation or repair of the water heater. It is never a smart decision to try fixing a broken-down water heater on your own or trying to install the water heater all by yourself, as it can be very dangerous. 

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