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Safety Measures To Consider When Working With Road Saws 

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Road Saws are powerful equipment vital to the success of construction projects. They are for cutting flat, hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, asphalt and metals. Road Sawing can also help access underground pipes when you cut a portion of the road to get to the pipes laid underneath. 

Road saws comprise a powerful engine and a circular blade. Once you start the engine, you push down on the surface to be cut, guiding the saw towards the surface using the cutting guide, and the blade spinning with speed cuts the surface under it. 

When Road sawing in Penrith, cuts must be smooth. The cutting must be precise and accurate, never changing direction, and for every 6-inch concrete depth, the cut should be 1 or 2 inches deep. 

There is no chance of a mistake in Road Sawing. Jobs like this are best left to professionals trained for it. Still, errors can and are bound to happen. 

When handling such a precision demanding machine as a Road Saw, stopping to talk to a friend or a colleague is a huge risk and can result in a fatal accident. Like the biblical adage, “once you put your hands to the Plow, there is no turning back”,  once you put on the machine, just go ahead and do the job. Slacking off can result in unwanted events and accidents that you could prevent. Here are a few things to consider before handling a Road Saw. 

Precautions To Take That Can Save Your Life When Road Sawing  

  1. Silica dust
    It generates dust when cutting concrete or asphalt surfaces with a powerful Road Saw, especially with a dry blade. This dust, known as Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust, despite its fine texture is hazardous. And when inhaled deeply, it can cause silicosis or lung cancer. Use respirators, so you don’t inhale the dust while working with the Road Saws in Penrith. 
  2. Blade usage
    The use of the blade requires great caution. The diamond-tipped blade is the most popular used for Road Sawing. Its efficiency is much more than regular abrasive blades and is also quite affordable. There are two methods of using the blade, the wet cutting method and the dry cutting method. Wet cutting blades are used with a water hose attached to them. The perfect strategy if you are trying to avoid dust, while dry cutting blades may be used with water, just make sure the water does not come near the electric motor. 
  3. Maintenance
    You must adequately maintain the machine and regularly conduct inspections. The blade must be kept clean always when not in use. The blades must stay sharp and never dull or sticky cause they tend to get stuck in the cuts. If you use wet cutting, you must check the blade’s water delivery system to ensure it works properly. You should adjust the drive belt weekly because of the tension. You must check all other mechanical and electrical parts of the machine regularly to ensure it is in top shape and ready for use at any time.  
  4. Safety gears
    There is no such thing as a quick job. You must wear all safety gear before operating the machine. Wear gloves to protect your hands, steel-capped shoes to protect your feet, and earplugs for your ears. Use respirators to prevent inhalation of fine dust and Goggles to protect your eyes from the residue. 
  5. Kickback is dangerous
  6. Sometimes, the operator forgets himself, however briefly, and tries to place a low spinning blade into an already made cut, causing the machine to jump back at the operator. This is called a kickback and can be very dangerous to the operator. You should note that the blade must spin at top speed before it enters a cut. 

Cracks on asphalt and concrete require road sawing professionals in Penrith. Road cutters cut the road to ensure the integrity of the structure. Road Saws are very efficient for the quick accomplishment of your construction project.  

The wet-cutting method might be the best solution to avoiding health issues, and you should always wear protective gear. 

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