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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy means the policy related to the information that you are accessing with our service and the blogs we present. It will also cover the way of using the information with the partner, but we never share it with any of the third parties. We are also not responsible for the action of the third party, but we will make it sure to maintain all the personal information safely and securely. We will never share any of such information without your consent. Further, we will work on the industry standards, and thus we implement highly secured policies to safeguard the information from fraud or misuse. We always give more importance to the trust of the client as our first priority.

Information we collect

The need for collecting the information is to offer better service by figuring out various things about our users to know about their videos, ads and several other useful things. Our aim behind this is to make the website more welcoming from the perspective of the users.


When you browse our website, all the data will be set to your website and that piece of data will be stored on the website of the user. When you are using the website notification, it will appear on the website if you are accepting the cookies or not.  If you are not accepting the cookies, you cannot use our certain service of the website or the third party services. We will allow access to the cookies to the third parties only when you browse their website.

Your rights over the data

If you have an account on our website, you can request to receive an exported file of all the personal data we hold about you. This will also include all the data you have given. You can also request to delete any of the data, and we will do it shortly.  However, this will not include the data that we are obliged to keep for security, legal or administrative purposes.


Aiming to offer better service, our privacy policy may be subjected to regular changes, but without the user’s permission, we may not change the rights of users.


All the articles published under our site are completely meant for the informational purpose only. Further, the information we furnish is based on the best practice of the journalist, writers and editors.


The information you will get from this website is not the legal advice or any legal category.  If you are looking for legal advice, you can consult with the lawyer explaining the entire requirements.

Active website

We will always try to keep the website running efficiently for easy handling and making it trustworthy. However, we do not promise any guarantee in case of sudden shutdown. We may need to do it during the maintenance of the technical issues. In such cases, the guest post feed will not be responsible for any loss of data or information.

Contact us

If you have any queries, we always welcome you to discuss the requirements. We assure you to respond to you as soon as possible with the most satisfying answer.

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