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Plantation Shutters Checklist: Top Things to Consider

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Interior shutters are a widely used window treatment solution that installs hinged panels inside the window frame. Plantation shutters, a type of internal shutter, can add a timeless and classic look that enhances the overall aesthetics of any space. The benefits of plantation shutters in Ingleburn include their aesthetic appeal and functionality, ability to control lighting and privacy, regulate temperature, and block UV rays. 

Plantation shutters are an excellent solution to regulate your home’s interior temperature throughout the year effectively. They protect your home from extreme temperatures during the summer and the winter by adding a layer of insulation. Additionally, busy homeowners will benefit from these shutters because they are easy to maintain and keep clean. Whether you are looking for a classic look or a suitable solution for your windows, plantation shutters in Ingleburn are a wise investment to enhance your windows’ appearance and function.  

However, like with any purchase, some factors must be considered to ensure you get the best shutters for your property.   

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Interior Shutters  

The louvre size 
When selecting interior shutters, it is crucial to consider the size of the louvre or slat. There are various standard sizes available, ranging from narrow to wide. Your choice of size should be based on the size of your window and will affect the amount of light and privacy control you have with your shutters. Additionally, it will play a significant role in the overall aesthetic appeal of your windows.  

The material used 
When selecting plantation shutters in Ingleburn, it’s essential to consider the material used. You can choose from various materials such as vinyl, wood, and composite, each with unique properties and benefits. However, it’s crucial to consider the climate and area where the shutters will be installed. For instance, if you live in a humid area or plan to install plantation shutters in your bathroom, vinyl would be a better choice than wood as it is more moisture resistant.  

The finish 
The finish of your shutters can significantly impact the look and feel of your interior space. There are a variety of wood finishes available, such as painted, stained, and natural. This lets you customise the shutters to match your home’s decor and colour scheme, giving you a cohesive and stylish look.  

Installing a motor 
If you want to regulate the amount of light and privacy in your room using shutters, it might be helpful to install a motor. With motorised shutters, you can easily control the light and privacy entering your room through a remote or switch. This is particularly advantageous if your windows are difficult to reach or if you prefer the convenience of controlling your shutters with the push of a button.  

Frame style 
It’s essential to remember that the frame style for your interior shutters can significantly impact both the appearance and functionality of your windows. The most commonly used frame style for plantation shutters is the traditional one, which sits outside the window frame. However, if you prefer a modern look, you can go with hidden frames inside the window.   

Plantation shutter style 
Regarding window treatments, plantation shutters in Ingleburn are available in various styles. Full-height shutters provide a classic appearance and cover the entire window, while café-style shutters only cover the bottom half and offer better light control. If you have large windows or sliding doors, tier-on-tier shutters are an excellent choice because they can be opened separately at the top or bottom.  

Choosing the right interior shutter for your home is a significant decision. Still, with Sculli Blinds and Screens, you can be confident purchasing the best quality. Whether you want to add privacy, improve energy efficiency, or add touch to your home, we have the right shutters to meet your needs. We maintain constant communication with our customers throughout the entire process, from the initial quote to the completion of the installation.   

Contact us today and transform the look of your windows! 

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