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Performance Car Tuning: Enjoy UNInterrupted Performance of Your Car

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You would agree that an automobile is one of the most costly things a person owns and that it is thus impossible to sell it and replace it as soon as its performance deteriorates. Here it would be interesting to know that the problem of decline in the performance of vehicles is not only faced by the owners of small cars but also the owners of luxurious cars like Aston Martin, Jaguar, BMW, etc. But rest assured, all this hassle can be avoided if you hire a professional team for car service in Girraween or wherever you live to avoid significant damages and costly repairs. The worth mention feature of the services offered by these technicians is that apart from car tuning, they also offer various additional services that are helpful in enhancing the performance of any car. Some of these methods are referred to below:

Upgrading the exhaust system

Being a car owner, you must be aware of the functioning of an exhaust system that throws out the harmful gases taking inside the engine from the combination of air and fuel from the car. Surprisingly, as the car gets older, there is also a decline in its performance, moreover with passing time the exhaust pipes also get older. Therefore, after the ECU of a car is re-tuned, there is an increase in its power generation efficiency and the pressure of gases developing inside the engine. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for the car owner to get the exhaust system upgraded in accordance with the tuned ECU. Doing this is helpful in improving the performance of the vehicle.

Upgrading the brakes

The enhancement in power generation efficiency also impacts the car’s acceleration performance, and therefore, to comply with that efficiency, upgrading the braking system becomes necessary for retaining the proper control over the vehicle. In the absence of this, there are chances that your car might smash into other cars.

Upgrading the air filter

As the exhaust system throws the harmful gases out from the car, the air filters support the smooth entrance of clean air in the engine. As time passes the dust and other particles start blocking the holes of the filter, which adversely affects the performance of a vehicle. To combat this problem, replacing the existing air filter with the new filters is helpful in enjoying the enhanced performance of your vehicle to a huge extent.

Fuel line right-sizing

You might chuckle, but it’s amazing how often we get this one incorrect. A 5/16-inch gasoline line isn’t going to get you 450 horsepower. Consider attempting to slurp iced tea via a cocktail straw quickly. You’re going to be short on cash. High-performance engines require a lot of gasoline. For most applications, the minimum fuel line size should be 3/8-inch. A 7/16-inch gasoline line is required when horsepower exceeds 500.

Synthetic lubricants

Synthetic lubricants make engines last longer because they minimise friction. Compared to traditional oils, synthetic lubricants provide superior lubrication between moving components. Because they don’t break down in high-heat, high-stress environments, they’re commonly employed in performance applications. They also function well in frigid temperatures and provide protection from harsh temperatures.

Use a cold air intake (CAI)

It’s the cheapest and most straightforward approach to boost torque and horsepower. The CAI is an aftermarket assemblage of pieces that aid in the cooling and density of drawn air. The air is combined with the fuel, and the two combine to make electricity. More air enters into the cylinder with condensed air, and greater air leads to more combustion.


A well-maintained vehicle has a longer life expectancy, guaranteeing that your vehicle will be your faithful companion for many years to come. Similarly, a fine-tuned, serviced engine greatly improves the performance of your car, keeping it in road-worthy, mint condition for a much longer time. Regular car service ensures that your car will not let you down when you need it the most. You can hire us for the best car services in Girraween to avoid such issues. By taking such basic precautions beforehand, you can save your time, effort, and money.

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