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Modern Trends in Garage Door Designs: Adding Value to Your Albion Park Property

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If you are interested in giving your home and garage a facelift, then there is no better way than opting for a trendy garage door. Recently, garage door remodels are up by over 18%, making this critical part of your home’s exterior a fantastic starting point. Here are 4 modern trends that narrate how garage door installation in Albion Park adds value to your property. From sleek designs to increasing your property value, you are sure to find a trend that suits your style, functionality and budget. 

Show off with natural wood  

Even for modern-style homes, adding natural materials like wood can enhance the aesthetic as wood doors can have a classic and rugged appearance. Wood complements a modern home with glass, steel, or concrete elements. If you are planning to list your home, a rich wood door suggests higher quality and can justify a higher price, especially with premium woods like redwood.  

Keep design elements simple with horizontal and vertical lines. Explore cedar or mahogany horizontal beam falls for a stripped-down, contemporary approach. If you have wood doors already installed for your garage then modernize them with the right finishes and style for your doors.  

Looking for more ornamentation? Consider raised panel or carriage-style doors. These styles offer details like bevelled trim and intricate carving. Carriage doors create an old-time swing-out look but lift upwards for modern convenience. Raised panel doors use rails and stiles, resembling hand-carved woodwork while being weather-resistant. 

Explore Industrial Style Garage Doors 

Discover the charm of muted colours and simple materials that combine to create a chic, understated look. When opting for garage door installation in Albion Park, industrial doors are the perfect choice. These doors prioritize functionality over frills and often boast sleek industrial metals like steel, known for their economic advantages and low upkeep. While steel may require protection against corrosion, it remains a budget-friendly option to infuse industrial aesthetics into your home. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a weather-resistant and lightweight option as opposed to steel, then consider aluminium garage doors. With aluminium, you will not have to worry about corrosion when facing rain or storms. Thus, enhance the appeal with light-filtering glass panels set in an aluminium frame for a modern touch that suits contemporary homes. Similarly, if you are yearning for an ultra-sophisticated look, delve into the world of flush-mount garage doors. This minimalist design seamlessly blends with surrounding walls, offering a sleek answer for modern homes. Materials such as wood, aluminium, composite timbers, or acrylic doors can help you achieve this discreet style. The flush-mount garage door practically disappears when closed, keeping attention on your home’s aesthetic until it’s time to open. 

Opt for Contemporary Black 

For an instant style upgrade, consider embracing the dominant colour of black for your new garage door. Don’t underestimate the potential – even if your home leans toward traditional, a sleek black garage door can surprise you with its crisp aesthetics. Further elevate the appearance by replacing existing glass windows with frosted glass, achieving a rejuvenated ambience. Whether your garage door is made of steel, fibreglass, or wood, embracing a matte finish yields a softer, contemporary allure.  

You can also pair a black trim and garage door with fresh white siding for a striking effect. If your home boasts rustic elements like natural wood or stone, incorporating black defines within a neutral colour palette. Despite black appearing bold, this choice aligns with the current trend of heightened contrast in home design. This achromatic finesse adds instant curb appeal, subsequently enhancing your home’s value.  

However, if you are still worried about overheating due to the black door, rest assured with today’s advanced paints, specifically formulated to mitigate heat absorption. Unlike historical black paints that risked warping, modern formulations resist heat, ensuring a cooler garage environment during summer, perfect for projects and storage.  

Contemporary Chic with Glass Accents 

If a modern aesthetic is your aim, glass is your canvas. The more glass you incorporate, the more sophisticated and contemporary your door becomes. Imagine a full-view garage door that doubles as a panoramic window, offering breathtaking property views.  

An aluminium frame binds the glass panels in many glass garage doors, enabling you to dictate the level of contrast desired. Your window selection isn’t confined to standard sizes; choose from narrow, arched, or square options. Consider your home’s existing windows to ensure compatibility with your garage door’s design. 

If you are concerned about a glass door’s durability then prioritize strength and resilience without sacrificing aesthetics by opting for tempered glass during garage door installation in Albion Park. Embrace clear glass to flood your garage with natural light, ideal for workout spaces or workshops seeking an extra dose of warmth. For privacy and temperature considerations, choose frosted, mirrored, or tinted glass options to obscure the garage’s contents. 


Elevate your home’s allure and functionality with on-trend garage door choices. Opt for a bold statement with a black or all-glass door, infusing modern contrast into your home’s facade. Alternatively, choose a wooden door for a timeless charm that seamlessly bridges farmhouse aesthetics and contemporary appeal. The glass doors in 2023 are all about style, innovation and creativity. With the right design and a professional garage door installation in Albion Park, not only can your garage door enhance the curb appeal but also add value to your property.

Disclaimer: This is generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.   

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