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Mental Health and Social Support in Bowral: Breaking The Stigma

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Mental health is simply a state of well-being, and social support is integral to maintaining it. It involves having a network of family and friends that a person can turn to in times of need. It is also based on shared interests, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions; and it provides strength a person may need to carry on in times of crises.  

Social support in Bowral may be either emotional, physical or informational. When it comes to mental health issues, social stigma can make the problems worse, making it harder to recover. Below is a breakdown of mental health and social support stigma in Borwal. 

Stigma Associated With Mental Health Illnesses 

Stigma often involves inaccurate stereotypes. They arise from ignorance, misinformation, or negative attitudes and beliefs towards mental health problems.  

Media has played a key role in reinforcing stigma against individuals with mental health illnesses by promoting inaccurate stereotypes. 

For instance, portraying them as dangerous, unpredictable, lacking competence to look after themselves and having little chance of recovery.  

This creates negative attitudes which lead to increased feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness about the future.  

Harmful Effects of Stigma 

Stigma makes the problem worse where people with mental illness are discriminated against, bullied, and excluded from social activity. 

Social stigma and discrimination may cause the person to avoid getting the help they need because of the fear of being stigmatized. 

Stigma may cause a person to believe that they’ll never succeed at certain challenges or cannot improve their situation.  

The Impact of Social Support on Mental Health in Bowral 

Giving social support in Bowral involves assisting a person with various daily tasks, offering financial assistance when they are in need, or giving help when they are facing a difficult situation. Guidance and mentoring are also services offered in the support scheme. 

Mental stressors are often heightened by the negative effects of social isolation and poor social support. Poor social support results in loneliness alters brain function and increases the risk of adopting addictions, suicidal thoughts and depression. Here are some of the major impacts that social support can have on mental health. 

  • It Helps Improve Resilience
    Social support enhances the quality of life of people who experience mental problems. It improves resilience to stress through challenging life events. 
    When levels of social support are high, depression tends to be low in severity. Social support also helps people to cope with stress. In times of crisis, it can help reduce the consequences of trauma-induced disorders. 
  • It Reduces the Need for Mental Health Services
    People with adequate social support are more likely to get support to search for help whenever they need it and are less likely to use mental health services.  
  • Better Choices
    Social support can be a source of encouragement and provide guidance when a person is trying to make a healthy change.  
  • It Enhances Immune Function
    People who receive adequate social support are less vulnerable to ill health and premature death. This is because they provide a sense of belonging and security. For instance, Individuals afflicted with leukemia or heart disease have higher survival rates if they have extensive social support. 
  • Improved Motivation
    It is essential for persons with mental health problems to rely on a social support system that provides motivation and support without making them feel pressured.  

How to Improve Social Support
Having a strong social support network is important to improve the mood, health, and overall experience of life.  

To improve social support, one has to: 

  • Evaluate your social network  
  • To expand it you may volunteer, join a fitness group or take a class.  
  • If you’re feeling disconnected from your support, talk to them about how you’re feeling.  


Receiving social support in Bowral is a crucial factor in ensuring the mental well-being of individuals and the entire population. If you’re looking for assistance, we’d love to help.  


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