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Know The Different Types of Timber Flooring in Wollongong

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Timber flooring is made of wood or timber, as the name implies. Because of its intrinsic beauty, appearance, and durability, forest has long been a popular option among homeowners. Timber flooring in Wollongong is now accessible in a far wider range and variety than before, and they are also cheaper. On the feet, the flooring product feels warm and comforting. It not only improves the appearance of the home, but it also makes it more comfortable.

How Is Timber Flooring Made:

Timber flooring is made up of multiple layers of wood, which can have as many as 11 segments. The bulk of timber floors are three or five layers thick. Unfinished and prefinished timber flooring are the two primary types.

The sanding and coating of unfinished timber flooring is done on-site, giving it a natural appearance. The unfinished flooring is coated with a water-based coating. Because it is already completed in the factory, prefinished wood flooring does not require any sanding or coating on-site. After applying a UV coating to the pre-finished flooring, the wood is ready to carve.

Different Kinds of Timber Flooring:

When you start looking on the market, you’ll notice a wide range of timber flooring in Wollongong of different price ranges. One can choose the type based on what they want and what their budget permits. The following are some of the most prevalent and diverse forms of timber floors.

  • Hardwood Timber Flooring:

This is the most popular and expensive type of slow-growing tree flooring. The wood, on the other hand, is far more gorgeous, ponderous, and intricate, justifying the increased price.

  • Engineered Timber Flooring:

Engineered floorboards are made out of many types of wood that have been pressed together. These floors are less expensive than hardwood and have the same appearance and feel. They can, however, be sanded and refinished to a limited extent.

  • Reclaimed timber flooring:

These floors are fashioned from reclaimed wood from old buildings and barns. The wood has been trimmed and sanded, and some planks may have knots, minor stains, or even nail holes.

  • Bamboo timber flooring:

The bamboo floor is another trendy and in-demand timber floor. It is not only attractive as a flooring material, but it is also quite durable. Bamboo grows very quickly, making it a sustainable choppier.

The Finishing Layers:

The finishing coat varies depending on the type of wood flooring you choose. The coating can have a variety of appearances and components.

UV-Cured Water-Based Lacquer — The lacquer protects the floor from wear and scratches, making it much easier to keep clean. Between the layers, the modified oil adds more matt and stability.

The face layer is typically 3 mm thick and available in a variety of colors. It’s sand able and refinish able.

The core layer is what keeps a wood floor solid and durable in all weather conditions. The core material’s hardness is critical for providing a smooth and secure connection.

Backing Layer: The spruce or pine backing layer, when combined with the other layers, protects the wood from cupping or warping.

Benefits of using timber flooring:

Here are some of the reasons why timber is so extensively utilized as a flooring material:

  • It is simple to clean:  Unlike carpets, timber flooring in Wollongong is simple to clean. You don’t have to vacuum it every day; a quick sweeping and mopping once in a while would enough.
  • It gets better with age – One of the best things about having wood as a flooring material is that it may really get better with age. Even if your flooring has the occasional scrape or gouge, they offer character to your home.
  • It’s lovely: Timber flooring in Wollongong come in a variety of tints and colors; all you have to do is pick one that appeals to you and matches the décor of the space; whichever type of hardwood flooring you choose; you can be sure that it will only add to the attractiveness of your home.


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