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All that you have to know about concrete cutting services

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When you are changing the house landscape or creating new spaces concrete cutting can be very useful. Concrete cutting is a method where sawing, drilling and removal of concrete from the particular surface. The skilled professionals use special saws to cut asphalt and concrete with accuracy and precision. In the past, concrete cutting services took place with the help of jackhammers. The professionals used jackhammers for breaking and removing concrete. The whole process was not just messy but also did not provide accurate results.

As there is advancement in technology, modern concrete cutting techniques emerged. This involves excellent workmanship to offer a smoother and attractive finish of metal, rock, asphalt and concrete. 

Types of concrete cutting methods

Nowadays a concrete cutter Campbelltown uses specific diamond blades for obtaining brilliant results. This is used to accommodate all types of materials of different strengths and properties. When it comes to concrete cutting methods, some methods offer excellent results. The most common concrete cutting methods are listed below.

Diamond sawing

Diamond sawing is a fast, precise and brilliant technique. In this technique, you can cut rebar and the other similar metals. This technique is also noiseless and it creates less vibration than the other standard techniques. However, this is used only by the contractions for large works.

Flat sawing

This is another technique which is commonly used for the floors, pavements and bridge decks that requires a flat surface. This technique is also called slab sawing and it uses flat saws to give fine results.

Concrete wall sawing

This technique is used for cutting the walls. The walls between 16 to 36 inches thick can be cut using this method and this method is specific to circular blades on track-mounted machines.

Wire sawing

This becomes the best choice for commercial concrete cutting northern beaches. This is because other methods fail to provide an excellent result.

Core drilling

This method is somewhat different from that of the other methods. This is mostly used to create openings in pipes, air conditioning vents, ventilating, and wires. It is a complex job and needs more precision and accuracy.

Tools used for concrete cutting   

Some of the common tools that are used in concrete cutting services are the wire saws, flat saws and wall saws. Besides, there are even other tools that you can use for concrete cutting services. The concrete cutting services also use other machinery for obtaining precise and accurate results.

 A standard diamond saw blade cut the concrete quickly and also it requires only less amount of water for creating a sleek look and finish. Even the vacuum system can be used to capture the dust. The hand-held saws with the diamond blades or abrasive wheels are commonly used for concrete cutting. Also, the machine units that are powered with the help of hydraulic power and have a two-stroke engine are used.

The tips for effective concrete cutting with precision

The skilled workers will have experience of cutting the concrete with the special saws. They cut the concrete accurately. With right planning, knowledge, experience and execution the precise concrete cuts can be achieved.Here are a few must-know tips for the concrete cutting.

The right choice of equipment

If you want to carry the task of concrete cutting effectively then proper equipment has to be chosen and used. Every type of concrete cutting will require a particular type of saw. For example with the wet saw you can control the dust and clean the area for obtaining straight and small cuts. 

You can use the diamond blades which deliver sharp and clean cuts and it can be used to add details to your work. You can also use the handled cutting-edge saw for flush cutting at the tight corners or on the embedded rebar.

Upkeep of blades

 As for how saws are important, blades are also equally important. A dull blade can fracture the cut. If you put extra heat and stress on the saw then the blades will wear out easily. When you cut concrete with the dull blades it will produce a lot of dust. You can invest in heavy-duty blades so that you can avoid constant replacement. For the smaller projects, you can watch the signs of tear and wear and then change the blades so that the qualityof the cuts isnot compromised.       

A good collection of blades

A lot of blades are available in the market for concrete cutting and all these blades will have its characteristics. For example, in the reinforced concrete cutting you will need diamond-coated blades but if you use the wet blades it can work better against dust. For a specific cut, various blades might be required, even though a single saw can be used for a project. Thus you can have a collection of blades handy to carry out a project.

Make sure you assess the types of materials before cutting a concrete. In certain materials, the rebar, wires or pipes can be buried inside so the best option is cutting through them and it can be accomplished using a saw with the right blade.

Get the timing right

Once you have got the correct equipment you have to plan your cut. Wait for the right time and achieve the top-quality cuts.

Consider all the concrete cutting methods and tips. Make sure you hire a team of skilled professionals. Equally, it is important to maintain safety. Make sure you know all the things about concrete cutting before you hire the professionals.

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