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Is synthetic grass difficult to install?

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Decorating your place can be a challenging task but is it the time when you want some changes in your house? And let us guess, is it about installing artificial grass? If that’s the matter and you have dual thoughts, then this article is what you need. Many questions arise when it comes to installing artificial grass. In this article, we have tried covering the most common questions, confusion and thoughts for you guys. So read this article to learn more about synthetic grass installation Sydney

Is It Difficult To Install Artificial Grass?

One of the essential questions almost everyone wants to be answered about artificial grass is that it is complicated to install artificial grass. Well, there are some exceptions to this question. Installing synthetic grass in your house or any other place is not that difficult. It is pretty easy and never gives a tough time while installing and even after that.

If you still get into trouble, you must have made any mistake, as any wrong move results in trouble. And yes, one can install artificial grass themselves, but a fact to remember is that it needs a lot of labour. If you are doing it alone, grab a partner in case you are too tired to handle the burden of work. Apart from jokes, installing it is simple but needs your time and attention.

To install artificial grass in your place, you must follow some steps. The steps are;

Step 1: Site Walk: 

The first step in installing artificial grass is surveying where you want to install the turf. Take a deep survey, remove all the debris and another obstacle from the soil, and clean the area of your home, workplace, or wherever you are installing turf.

Step 2: Excavation:

Moving on to the next step, which is excavation. In this step, you need to dig the soil of the area where artificial grass is to be installed, at least 3 inches deep. You can change the drainage, irrigation and other systems in this step.

Step 3: Build Base:

Now, after having a deep survey, cleaning the space and digging the soil, you need to build a base for your artificial grass. That’s the critical part; the foundation or base is an essential element in the making of almost everything. Create a smooth surface on the soil with perfectly defined edges to lay the turf on it.

Now you cover the excavated area with the sub-base, then with the help of a vibrating plate compactor to compact the base. Yes, these steps are as same as doing make-up on your face. After leaving someplace with defined edges, use a hand temper to cover the compact hard-to-reach edges and corners. And voila, your base for synthetic grass installation Sydney is ready.

Step 4: Measure, Lay And Cut The Grass:

Now comes the most awaited part. The step where you have to measure your artificial grass, after measuring it according to the area, lay it down for more security and then cut it. Make sure to have a steady hand while cutting the turf because you can not spend money on it repeatedly. Also, measure it correctly. Cut the grass, so it does not get an uneven surface, and if you want to cover the edges, leave some extra grass while cutting.

Step 5: Seaming:

Seaming is also an important part of your grass requires seaming, you have to use seam tape and glue to lay your grass with its help. You just have to place the red line of the seam tape within the pieces of the grass and make a pattern like S with the glue on the top of the seam tape. Move the grass in its place, set the glue for about 15 minutes, blade the turf and lay it down on the base.

Step 6: Secure The Perimeter:

Here you are almost reaching the end of the synthetic grass installation Sydney. Step 6 is to secure the perimeter. After following all the steps, now you have to secure the edges with the help of staples and nails. Use a hammer to fix the nails and secure all the perimeters to finally install the turf.

Step 7: Infill And Give Final Touches:

Congratulations, you have finally made it to the last step. Now according to the infill requirements of your turf, adjust and infill it. It is almost done now, you just have to give some final touches and your artificial turf is installed in your desired style.

All these steps are the secret or the apparent keys to getting your turf installed accurately. In this way, it would be easy for you to install the grass without any difficulties just you need some patience and hard work.

Common Mistakes While Installing Artificial Grass:

Some mistakes, done by the users while installing the artificial turf that leads to mismanaging are;

  • Poor drainage: good drainage is one of the most important keys to healthy-looking artificial grass placement.
  • Uneven surfaces: when you do the survey and build the base, you have to make an even surface, without uneven edges or obstacles in the soil.
  • Poor research: before installing the turf, one must carry out research on what kind of turf he should install, what soil is best for artificial grass and all other important aspects.
  • Improper measurement: if you will not measure the area and the grass adequately, you would face difficulty while installing the grass.
  • Poor execution: finally, you have to take all the steps seriously and execute them as guided and you will get beautiful artificial grass at your place.


To conclude this article, we would just say, synthetic grass installation Sydney is not a challenging task if you follow all the mentioned steps without making any mistakes. Yes, it would take some time, but the results will make you fall in love with that place where you have installed artificial grass. We hope this article clears away most of your confusion.


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