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HVAC Systems Can Benefit from Spiral Ducts

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Ducting is the process of moving hot and cold air from one place to another using plastic and metal pipes. So, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) businesses have ducts going through their buildings, like through the ceiling.

Reports show that about 90% of new homes in Australia have ducted heating and cooling systems. When it comes to ductwork, spiral ducts are one of the most common types. Because of this, it’s important to know what air conditioning spiral ducts in Sydney can do for your business. Here are some of the best things about it:

Low rates of leaks

Less air leaks out of round ductwork, which is a good thing. Companies that use HVAC systems often have problems with them leaking. But spiral ducts are made so that no air gets out. When air leaks out of your HVAC system, it uses more energy than it should, which hurts your production.

Poor air quality in a building is also caused by air leaks. This will hurt your workers, and some of them may get sick. Spiral ducts are self-sealing, which means that the joints between the airtight ducts are sealed, so they can’t leak. Your business is safe because the air can’t leak into the wrong places because of the round ductwork.

Less Static Pressure Loss

Because the round ductwork is completely sealed, it loses less pressure. In round ductwork, the fan speed is increased, so the original operating pressure is quickly made up for when it drops. Also, there is less static pressure loss in spiral ductwork, which means there is enough airflow to the system. A flat oval duct is a spiral duct with an oval shape. It also reduces the amount of pressure lost when air moves through it.

Simple to clean

There’s a good chance you’ve seen dirty air ducts that have turned brown. This doesn’t happen often with round ductwork because it’s easy to clean. Hiring inspectors and professionals to clean your ducts is the most stressful thing you can do, but they are still dirty. It’s much easier to clean around ducts, which means less stress.

The dirt in the ducts changes the quality of the air that moves through the system. So, cleaning your spiral ducts makes sure that your air quality is good and that the energy you release is used well.

Less Noise

Because of the pressure that goes through them, ducts usually make a lot of noise. But this isn’t the case with round ductwork because the spiral duct fittings even out the pressure as the air flows through the spiral pipe. When the pressure is at the right level, there is less noise.

So, you don’t have to worry about getting complaints from nearby businesses that you’re too loud. If you want to be quieter, use an oval spiral duct.

There is no need for more space.

When using rectangular ductwork, you need up to three inches of extra space to fit the reinforcements and connections into the system’s joints. When using rectangular ductwork, this means that a wrong measurement can cause a big problem. With spiral ductwork, you don’t have to remember all of these measurements, so you don’t have to feel this way. Round ductwork is easy to fit into any space you have in your business. You must hire professionals for the air conditioning spiral ducts inSydney.


One of the best things about spiral ductwork is that it is easy on the wallet. Since no air leaks out, no air is lost, and the air is expensive, you save money by not losing it. Also, less static pressure is lost, so managing energy efficiency is cheaper. Also, spiral duct products are cheap, so you can get the supplies at a price that is easy on your wallet.

If you own or manage a building or just like architecture, you’ve probably seen spiral sheet metal ductwork in a lot of places like bars, restaurants, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Like regular ductwork, spiral ductwork is an important part of a commercial HVAC system that moves heated or cooled air from the central HVAC unit to all parts of a building. But spiral ductwork has its benefits that make it a good choice for building owners who want to save money on their energy bills, keep their buildings comfortable, and improve the quality of the air inside their buildings.

Read on to find out five good things about using spiral ductwork in commercial HVAC systems and why owners of commercial buildings should think about it for their next building or remodelling projects.

Easier to keep up

Spiral ducts are easy to clean and maintain because they don’t have large flat surfaces or corners that can collect dust and other debris. The tools that professional HVAC service technicians use to clean spiral systems today are effective and affordable. This means that building owners can make sure their HVAC systems work well for years to come if they have the equipment checked at least once a year. You can get in touch with our team for Air Conditioning Spiral Ducts Sydney.

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