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How to Prepare for Removalists in Penrith?

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Planning a move can be so tedious that you even forget the littlest (and most important) of things. You’ve already hired the right removalist in Penrith and boxed up some of your stuff in preparation for the move.

However, you forget a few things like having some cash at hand for emergencies and tipping the movers. You may not know it but, these seemingly little things we all forget to cater for are actually what make each move complete. To keep things simple for you, we compiled some of the things you’re likely to forget when planning your next move. Knowing these things would make your move much smoother. Without further ado, here are 10 things you should do on your next move.

  • Protect your house in advance

Before the D-day, it’s your responsibility to protect your new and old home from potential damages that could occur. This includes harsh weather conditions. Moving house by this time of the year can be really slippery. You really don’t need anybody slipping and falling on your snowy driveway now do you? You could counter such a problem by adding salt or colligative to dissolve the snow before the movers arrive. The same thing goes for the rainy weather. Covering your doorway with tarps or large blankets would go a long way in preventing mud from damaging the floors and messing things up.

  • Can your furniture fit through your door space?

If yes, then you’re all set and ready to go. However, if the answer is no, then you should inform your moving company beforehand so they can bring with them the right supplies to properly dismantle the heavy furniture before transporting them out of your old home. In some cases, you might need to ‘create’ some extra space to fit something like a piano. Just let them know the furniture causing the problem and they’d know what to do about it.

  • Remember your children’s needs

If you have a child below the age of 6, then maybe you should consider hiring a babysitter before the moving day. Keeping an eye on your vibrant toddler all while moving heavy furniture surely doesn’t spell ‘ease’ on your brain. Instead, leave all the handling and feeding to someone you can TRUST.

  • Secure parking space for the removalists

Parking is one of those things you’re likely to overlook until it’s too late. This insignificant yet so important aspect of your move would determine the speed of the move and the health of the movers (moving a long distance to the moving truck would cause more stress on the movers).

So, to prevent impromptu arrangements, always talk things out with your moving company so they can decide whether to park at your driveway or seek special permission for street parking.

  • Don’t leave your pets out of the equation

If you’re a pet lover like us, then we bet you wouldn’t want your furry friend getting lost on a moving day. You may not know it but, they too face risks on the said date. They either get accidentally stepped on or they run outside through the open door and get lost in an alleyway somewhere.

To prevent any of those scenarios from happening, get a cage or some form of containment before the moving day 一 making sure you put them on their leash.

  • Package your belongings well

If your contract with the moving company doesn’t include packing service, then you’d better make sure you box up your things properly. This includes bubble wrapping the things you’re supposed to bubble wrap and using sturdy carton boxes for your furniture and appliances. Other items that could be of help to you would be; telescope boxes for artworks and other fragile items, foam pouches for portable electronics like a PS4 or 5, plastic bins for home office files as well as dividers for separating everything into compartments. Also, remember to label correctly. This would help both you and your movers when the time comes for unpacking.

  • ALWAYS have cash at hand

Asides from the fact that you’d need some bills to cater for an emergency expenditure en-route, you also need to have some AUD for tipping the removalists in Penrith. Is it necessary? No! But, if you’re satisfied with their service so far, tipping the employees for a job well done is sure to make them happier to work for you. You don’t have to break your bank or anything. A few tens of dollars should do the trick.

  • Check-in with insurance

Lots of breakages happen to home appliances during moves. Sometimes, this is due to natural causes. So, to be on the safer side, it’s always best to make sure your insurance package covers any loss or damages incurred during the move.

  • Keep all your crucial documents in a safe place

Documents like your driver’s license, proof of ownership, certificates, etcetera should be packed the day before the move and kept in a safe place. If possible, keep them all in one box – properly partitioned – and labelled “important documents.”

  • Have some snacks and drinks ready before the moving day

If there’s one thing about doing a lot of work in the day, it’s that it makes everybody hungry. Keep this in mind before the move and prepare ahead!

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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