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How To Find The Right Tyres In Penrith For Your Truck?

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If you are looking for new tyres for your trucks and feeling confused about which one is right, don’t worry! Truck tyres in Penrith are available in different categories. Before you go out and explore the market, firstly, you need to check where you drive the truck maximum times. Do you drive just on the streets, a mixture of streets and off-road, or completely off-road?  

All season tyres are the most suitable ones for pavement driving. But if you drive maximum in the uneven, rocky road covered with heavy mud, then off-road tyres are recommended for you. 

Which tyre size is suitable for your truck? 

Generally, it is suggested to use the same size of the new tyres as the old tyres. And if you don’t have an idea of the size of the existing tyres, you can take a look into the owner’s manual or on the label on the inside panel of the driver’s road; there, you will find the complete details about the size of tyres. 

Study Your Tyres To Know About Them 

On the sidewalls of all tyres, ratings are written on them. The ratings specify some detailed features but show the overall performance. You should have knowledge about them, recognize them, and find out what ratings are fine for your truck tyres? 

Truck tyre speed rating: 

This rating shows the speed range at which you can drive the truck with a specified load on it. The general titles used in this rating category are V & Z. V refers to the range of 240 km/hr or 149 mph, and Z represents the top speed. These designations make certain that you can drive safely at the speed you want. 

Truck tyre loading rating: 

This number shows the limit of load, which is safe to carry on the truck. So, you should always select the rating according to the load your truck carries.


The tyres you buy will be the best if they provide good coverage against the defects. Well, nearly all of the tyres come with a warranty but still search for the one, which, particularly, confirms the treadwear warranty. This warranty ensures that tyre tread will last up to the specified figure of miles.  

Though, if the tyres are exclusively designed for off-road driving, then there will be no treadwear warranty. Always remember to clearly read and understand the real warranty conditions. 

Date of manufacture: 

When selecting the tyres for your truck, always check the date of manufacturing stated on the sidewall. It is a code for DOT represented by a 4-digit number where the first two digits show the week, and the last two denote the year. 

The Right Pressure For Your Truck Tyre 

The quantity of perfect pressure in a truck tyre is different for every type and size. The ideal pressure for the same type of tyre is also different for every truck. This variation may be due to different aspects, like the size of the truck and its weight. Moreover, it is also important to understand that the tyre pressure depends extensively on the size of the tyres. Generally, the ideal pressure of a truck tyre ranges between 8 and 9 bar and between 7 and 9 bar for a 22.5-inch tyre. 

How can you measure the pressure of a truck tyre? 

If you don’t have a tyre monitoring system, you can still determine the tyre pressure. How? Visit your tyre dealer or more easily to any petrol station to measure it on your own. Moreover, a tyre specialist can always give you details on measuring the accurate pressure of your truck tyres. 

Why is correct tyre pressure so important? 

When you drive with the wrong tyre pressure, it not only involves risks but also causes faster wear of your tyres. Driving with the right tyre pressure has many benefits for your vehicle, such as: 

  • It saves fuel. With the correct tyre pressure, you can save up to 3% per different bar! 
  • The possibility of accidents is decreased by 10%, as your braking distance will be shorter with the correct tyre pressure. 
  • It extends the life of your tyres, which indirectly saves you money.

Some Common Problems In Commercial Tyres 

Commercial vehicles are not the same, having particular requirements that include the whole thing from the belts to the filters. When you own a tractor-trailer or a truck, you must be aware of all the risks and how you can diminish them for your safety.  

Perhaps not any part of your truck needs the same level of attention, just like your tyres. Commercial truck tyres are susceptible to troubles as those on the typical sedans, but the costs are much greater. Here is what you need to know before the next time you drive on the road. 

Overinflated Tyres 

If tires get inflated above the suggested PSI for their make and model, they struggle to make full contact with the road. It fails them to obtain the required grip and has a risk of an accident. 

Above this, when the tires get excessive pressure, they can most possibly burst.  

Underinflated Tires 

Just like excessive air is not good, having too little will also put your vehicle at risk. A few tyre problems caused by underinflation are: 

  • Obscurity in steering
  • Efforts for tight turns
  • More wear to the tyres
  • Punctures and other kinds of damage

Fortunately, the latest truck models come with a system to warn you when your tyre pressure is too low. If not, you should repeatedly verify your tyre pressure with a manual gauge. 

Cracks and Bulges   

In the majority of cases, cracks and bulges should not develop, unless your tyres are overinflated or underinflated. However, even if you have the right pressure, you can get cracks if you drive over a bad pothole or pass on a curb. As soon as you observe cracking or bulging in your tyre, you should replace it. 

Common Wear and Tear 

The major reason for commercial tyre problems is just general old wear and tear. Long-haul truck drivers can guess this wear and tear depending on how much time they have spent on the road. Check your tyres regularly and get the necessary service when you observe them at the first sign of a problem.  

If you need help for servicing and repairing Truck Tyres in Penrith, Metro Tyre Services Pty Ltd is ready to help you.  

Disclaimer: This is generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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