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How to Design the Lawn with The Most Realistic Artificial Grass?

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Are you looking up ideas to design your lawn with artificial grass? Then this article is for you. Here we have real-life examples of how you can create the most natural-looking garden without any hassle. So, look up to these design ideas and upgrade your artificial lawn in Sydney. 

Homeowners are more concerned about their home’s exterior styling and decoration. Artificial grass installation has become a go-to for many modern garden and lawn designs. But before starting, let us answer the most common question of whether you can make artificial turf look natural or not. Fake turf has evolved much farther from the bright green plastic that was used in the years before. The modern natural grass hues give a lively look and can’t be spotted as fake from far away.   

One cannot identify if it is fake or not until you notice it deep down or touch it with your hands. Here are some common ways you can make your artificial turf look more natural: 

Ways To Make Your Artificial Grass Look More Natural: 

Clean It: 

Over time, artificial grass catches dust and debris that quickly dulls the beautiful green colour. You can clean it from time to time with a rake or synthetic bristled at least 5 inches long. It will help you to clean all the dust and keep all the fake strands stays still and straight.  

Get UV Rays Protected Turf: 

Due to direct sunlight, fake grass can quickly fade its colour and start giving off an unnatural and synthetic look. However, you can overcome this problem by selecting a UV rays-protected turf material.   

Install Weed Barrier: 

You should also install a weed barrier underneath the turf surface. Make sure to avoid adding weed control in drainage areas.  

Design Your Lawn with These Tips: 

Here are some designs that would help you get inspiration for your new artificial lawn in Sydney.   

Dog Run: 

If you’re a pet owner, then you would love this idea. No doubt pets are cute and loving creatures, but having pets like cats and dogs, you might prefer having fake turf rather than natural grass for various reasons. With artificial grass, they will not be able to dig holes in the ground, nor will there be patchy areas. A constant, green and durable surface is what you get when you have an artificial lawn in Sydney. 

Therefore, you can eliminate many of your problems by designing your lawn with fake turf. You can use manufactured grass in your properties for your pets and kids. These artificial turfs do not wear off quickly. Your kids and pets can run through the lawn constantly without damaging the grass or leaving the patches on them.  

Recreate Different Areas:  

Well, this idea surely catches your eyes if you live in a house with a large lawn. You can split your extensive property into different areas like: 

  • Picnic areas – create a space with full outdoor feels with real-looking artificial grass to enjoy outdoor dinners.  
  • Playground – adds up a safe place for your children to play in front of your attention.  
  • Green For Golfers – adding more greens and fake grass in the area to level up your golf skills. 

You can simply design your lawn as your playground to play any of your favorite games. You can use artificial grass to prevent the hassle of growing and repairing large areas with natural grass by the time. In terms of maintenance, there’s no need for watering and trimming. Therefore, it can stay well in any weather. Moreover, artificial and harmful chemicals are not needed to keep your family and children safe with artificial lawns in Sydney.  

Artificial turf can be used in creating any type of lawn design you want. You can ramp up your lawn furniture, crop fake turf little objects, animals as decoration pieces, and many more.  

Landscape designing: 

You can also add different landscape designs to your lawn with the help of different shades and textures of artificial turf. Lawns play an essential role in enhancing the curb appeal of any property. Therefore, you can develop various design ideas with realistic-looking artificial grass for your lawns. These days, grass walls and flower beds are getting more in trend.  

A well-maintained lawn always adds up to the property’s value. You can transform your cement walkways and pathways into a vibrant, natural-looking grassy area. Moreover, artificial turf can also be used in the empty patches near the bushes to prevent weed growth near the plants.  

You can also use these fake grass near trees, canopies, or the areas where direct sunlight fades the natural colour of grass. It will help give your lawn one-tone grass and maintain a lush green lawn.  

Addition Of Potted Plants: 

With fake grass, you can add certain colourful potted plants to your artificial lawn. They would add to a structure that complements your effortless lawn styling. On the other hand, potted plants don’t have to worry about trimming and other hassles while changing their places.  

So, these are some ways you can design an artificial lawn in Sydney.  

Final Words: 

Maintaining and designing a lush green lawn is everyone’s dream, but it takes a lot of effort. However, artificial grass is one of the best solutions to help you get the lawn that you want. There are several ways you can design your property with artificial turf. We’ve mentioned some of the designs for you to get inspired by. You can also take help from professional turf installation companies like Gunners 

We would love to listen to your turf problems to help you get the perfect and professional solution.  


Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 


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