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How To Childproof Your Electrical System?

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Modern homes in Wollongong depend heavily on electricity, although there are certain risks that children should be protected from. This is because electrical appliances are created for adults who benefit from them and not for children. It’s human nature to want to protect kids from harm, so when you’re childproofing your house in Wollongong, don’t forget to childproof the electrical system as well. 

Call professional Electricians in Wollongongif you want electrical work done at home. Read this article and learn ways to effectively childproof your electrical system. 

Electrical outlets
Statistics say that there is a considerable number of kids get burned from electrical shock. The first step in childproofing your home’s electrical system is to ensure all the outlets are covered. There are several ways to successfully cover the electrical systems in your home. 

Outlet Covers
Covering electrical outlets with plastic caps is the least expensive way to prevent kids from using them. Outlet covers are available at any retailer that sells baby safety products. Small plastic pieces called outlet covers slot into electrical outlets and have two prongs, much like an electrical cord. 

By doing this, kids are prevented from inserting other objects into the outlets. While installing and removing outlet covers is simple for adults, newborns and young children cannot reach underneath them. 

Sliding plate covers
Covering electrical outlets with horizontal sliding plate covers is a great option. Until they are needed, sliding plate covers cover the electrical outlet’s slots. Simply move the cover to reveal the slots, then plug in the device to use the outlet. Remember that this kind of outlet cover should only be used on outlets that aren’t used all the time. 

Childproofing electrical cords
As crucial as keeping the outlets themselves covered is ensuring that all cords in use are safe. Call professional Electricians in Wollongongif you need to get electrical work done in your home. 

Here are a few strategies to protect your child from electrical hazards when using electrical cords. 

Occupied outlet covers
It is easy to simply place a piece of furniture in front of frequently used outlets, such as an outlet with a lamp “plugged in,” to block access to them. If this is not feasible, you can install a plastic box-like cover to keep the outlet functional while preventing small hands from disconnecting the cords and interfering with the outlet. 

Power strip cover
Consider using a power strip cover if your TV, computer, or other devices are plugged into one to prevent your children from interfering. A power strip cover is a piece of plastic with a hole for the wires that cover the rest of the device. It is not 100% foolproof, so keep in mind that using it is preferable to doing nothing at all. Nevertheless, with enough effort, a small hand might be able to slide into the slot for the wires. 

Cord shorteners
Long cords are not only tempting for children to pull or chew on, but they can also be a strangling threat if you have them about the house. Use cord shorteners to reduce the length of exposed cord in your home. The surplus cord can be wrapped within cord shorteners, which are typically round enclosures. 

Final thoughts
You should have an idea of how to make your electrical system childproof now. Call professional Electricians in Wollongong if you want any other electrical services for your home. 


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