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How To Avoid Blocked Drains? 5 Tips By Experts?

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Are you tired of calling plumbers quite often to unclog the drains? Have you already spent a lot of money on blocked drains in Springwood? Well! You are not alone. Many Aussies daily face the same issues.  

The question is how can you prevent blocked drains? In this blog, we’ll share 5 amazing tips that will give you a sign of relief. Besides, for serious problems, we’ve also provided you with the best plumbers in the Blue Mountains. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s just kick off! 

Tip# 1 Avoid Blocked Drain With A Drain Protector 

A drain protector is a necessary and quite an effective tool that keeps your drains protected. It prevents hair, food leftovers, and other noticeable junk from going down the drain and blocking it. Besides, it’s easy to clean. Yes! Remove it when you think it needs cleaning and once done, place it back on the drain opening. 

But wait!! You have to be careful while getting the drain protectors. They come in different sizes depending on the drains. So, before buying one, make sure it perfectly fits on your drain.  

Tip# 2 Don’t Comb Your Hair Over The Sink And Scrap Plates Before Washing  

Though a drain protector is a good option, if you don’t have any, be a little extra careful then. Most of you comb your hair over the bathroom sink. Did we guess right? Yes, we’re sure it’s a right guess because we also do the same. But do you know that this negligence causes the drains to block? And you know what? Sometimes the blockage is so serious that the pipes even burst. 

Besides, another problem is not scraping the plates in the bin before washing them. As a result, the food leftovers escape into the drain where they start to accumulate. Ultimately clogging the drain. Therefore, stop the above-mentioned practices right now and make managing the house easy for yourselves.  

Tip# 3 Dispose of Oil And Fat Properly 

How do you dispose of the leftover oil after having the food? We bet that most of you will say ” in the kitchen sink”. But do you know that it’s wrong practice?  The oil or fatty content gets stuck to the walls of the drainage pipes. Over time, it attracts other junk, and the build-up ultimately ends in blocking the waterway. Therefore, dispose of the oil properly in food bins.  

Besides, get some enzyme sticks too. These are long sticks that contain fat-digesting enzymes. Use them to clean your kitchen sink drains so that there are no fats or grease left behind.  

Tip# 4 Regularly Remove Leaves and Other Garden Trash From The Drains 

Talking about the drains and forgetting the main drain outside the house but within its boundary. How’s it even possible. The dried leaves, mud, and grim keeps on accumulating in them. If not cleared on time, they also get blocked. As a result, the rainwater doesn’t drain and also you start experiencing bad odors. 

Now, the question is what should you do to avoid it? Well! The answer is quite simple. Clean the drains regularly. Doing this, you will be saving not only money but also your health.  

Tip# 5 Don’t Flush Wipes On The Toilet  

Another common thing that Aussies do is throw the wipes in the flush. It’s one of the biggest reasons for clogged toilets. If you are using flushable wipes, even then it’s not a good idea to flush the wipes in the toilet. You must throw them in the dustbin. 

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