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How the Cloud Software Helps You Work Remotely in any Location

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Working remotely is the new normal. And there is software to help you do it from anywhere. The cloud has changed how we work and live, but it can also change how you run your business.

If you’re considering hiring an accountant Mona Vale, you should know that there are many benefits to working with one who uses cloud accounting software.

The best accountant Mona Vale for small businesses, use cloud technology because of its many advantages over traditional software — Cloud software helps you work remotely in any location.

Here are eight ways cloud software helps you work remotely:

  1. You can access your files from any device.

With cloud software, you can access your files from any device. This means that no matter where you are working from or what device you have on hand, you can always access your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from the cloud.

  1. You can collaborate with colleagues on projects in real-time

Cloud computing allows users to share data with colleagues in real-time through chat rooms and video conferencing tools like Skype for Business or Google Hangouts.

This makes it easy for remote workers to collaborate seamlessly with their colleagues no matter where they are located around the world or what time zone they’re working in.

  1. No need for expensive hardware 

You don’t need to buy expensive computer equipment when using cloud software. You just need a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.

This can make it easier for small businesses to start up without purchasing expensive equipment immediately.

  1. Security 

Cloud software offers better security than traditional software because it doesn’t require you to install anything on your home computer or device, which means there’s no risk of viruses or malware infecting your system.

It also means that if someone were to hack into your personal computer, they wouldn’t be able to get access to your information since it’s stored on remote servers instead of locally stored on your hard drive or laptop computer.

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  1. Automated backup and restore options 

Cloud-based applications automatically back up data to multiple locations, so you won’t lose any information if something happens to your computer at home or in the office. A backup is stored on servers in multiple locations, so it’s available if needed.

If your computer crashes or is lost, you can log into the same account from any computer with internet access and restore files from one of these backups without having to download anything onto your system.

  1. Integrated project management tools

Gone are the days of having to download and install separate software for each of your business processes.

Cloud-based solutions provide complete project management functionality right inside the web browser.

You can use integrated project management tools to manage tasks, assign responsibilities and track progress across the board — no matter where you’re located.

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  1. An unlimited number of users

Cloud-based solutions allow an unlimited number of users to be added to a single account at no additional cost.

This is beneficial for small businesses with multiple employees who will need access to the same data or services at different times during the day or week.

  1. A single user interface for all your files.

When using cloud software like Dropbox Business or Microsoft OneDrive Business, you don’t have to worry about creating multiple user accounts or managing separate logins for each person on your team. Everything is centralized in one place, so everyone has access from any device at any time.


Migrating to the Cloud doesn’t have to be difficult, and there’s no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity. If you’re a small business planning to go remote, MyM Consultancy can help you with the transition.

Give us a call today to get started. Our mission is to help your organization go remote successfully; we are happy to meet our client’s needs in going remote effectively!

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