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Guideline about ground-floor addition in Wollongong

With the increase in population and inflation, it is hard to find new places for any purpose. Instead of finding new places, we can use alternative ways. In this article, we are going to discuss an amazing and price-friendly way of increasing your space within your resources. This amazing way is ground-floor addition in Wollongong. Let’s explore what it is and how to do it. 


A ground-floor addition in Wollongong is a great way to access additional space without the expense and hassle of finding a new home. A common addition to the ground floor is the construction of a conservatory or utility room. This is an extension with large glazing, but with a traditional insulated roof and usually one insulated wall. This opens up space to the rest of the house and facilitates temperature regulation. 

Finding the right extension design to complement the existing structure can be particularly difficult for historic homes. A popular solution is to add the new space as a completely separate building in a personal style, connecting the two with a short all-glass corridor. This will keep your temperature in check and let your existing architecture shine. 

Ground and 1st-floor extension 

Two of the most common major renovations are ground floor addition in Wollongong. Both can significantly increase the space in your home, and each has its pros and cons. The right choice depends on your unique needs, the type of space you’re working in, and what you want to get out of your home extension. 

More freedom 

A ground-floor extension is ideal if you want to create a larger, more open space in an area of ​​your home, such as a living room. B. Spacious open kitchen and living area. A ground-floor extension is ideal if you have a lot of underutilized space in your block and don’t mind losing some of your outdoor space.  


A ground-floor addition in Wollongong is also great for creating more space while still making the home accessible to those who are elderly or have mobility issues due to a disability. From adding new rooms to creating beautiful outdoor patio areas that flow into open-plan living spaces, there are many ways to customize the layout of your home to suit your needs and preferences. 

Do you have good eyesight? 

Adding a ground floor can take advantage of potential views, especially if you live in hilly areas or near the coast. Enjoy panoramic views from inside or add a balcony for extra outdoor space to relax and take in the views of your surroundings. If you are considering selling your home in the future, know that a two-story home usually has a much higher resale value than a single-story home with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Remember. Part of that is due to the stunning views that multi-story homes can offer. 

Double the space with limited blocks 

If you need more space in your home but don’t have enough space on the block to expand outside, a ground-floor extension is the best option. Adding a second floor is doable in most homes and costs less than most people might expect. Adding a ground floor can effectively double the space in your home while sacrificing a little space downstairs for a staircase.  

Which option does more work? 

Contrary to expectations, extending upper floors is often easier. Because you need to prepare the ground. Existing foundations and substructures save time and money. Additional costs may be added if the ground floor extension requires extensive excavation or foundation work. The existing ground floor can continue to be inhabited while the upper floors are completed. Most of the projects can be done outdoors using ladders and scaffolding. 

What types of foundations are available for my new home? 

Homeowners planning to add a home have several options. The three most common of these are: 

Column and beam foundations. The cheapest foundation is a pile-and-beam foundation (also called a column-and-beam or pile-and-beam foundation), which is ideal for sunrooms, screened porches, and living room extensions. 

The post and beam system is similar to the support system used for patios. Concrete is used as the foundation for the pillars that support the structure, under which air flows. If properly designed, this option can be beneficial as it provides protection from moisture and flooding. 

Concrete block foundation. Also called poured concrete foundation, it is one of the most popular foundation types. In this system, the foundation is placed below the frost line leaving crawl space between the floor and the floor frame. Post and beam foundations are tailored to screened spaces, while cinder block foundations are suitable for many types of home extensions by avoiding the outdoor kitchen, bathroom and bedroom extensions. Increase. A well-designed Cinderblock Primer will keep excess moisture out and prevent mildew. You can also create a place for extra storage space or a heating unit. 

Full basement. The most expensive type of foundation is building a complete basement which requires more labor and materials. Even if the basement remodels are incomplete, builders will dig down to the level of the home’s existing basement after removing all underground gas pipes, sewers, water pipes, oil tanks, and other obstructions. Increase. The construction team then lays foundations below the frost line and lays concrete slabs for the new floor. The design-builder may also need to tear down the existing foundation of the house in order to connect the new basement to the old one. 


This is an advantage that can make or break an entire historic home remodel. That’s because the ground floor annexe is decidedly less intrusive than his upstairs annexe. Most of the preparatory work can be done while living in the house, minimizing the duration and need for temporary housing. On the other hand, if you’re building a second floor, you’ll need to vacate completely before starting the project, and may stay until the project is nearly complete. 

The ground floor Addition in Wollongong is the perfect solution for those who only want to change the ground floor. At Southern Additions, we believe in our solutions and our ability to execute them flawlessly. 

Disclaimer: This is generic information and posts; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.    

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