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Getting rid of birds: Everything you need to know

Infestations within your home can be problematic. For instance, rats can carry harmful diseases like salmonella and bubonic plague. Similarly, bugs can cause diseases and impact your daily life. But, when it comes to infestations that can disrupt your home and life, birds are one of the biggest culprits.  

Many of us get anxious when we discover a bird’s nest or hear indications that birds are starting to make themselves comfortable in or around our homes. Some homeowners choose to invest in window spikes to prevent birds from settling. However, too often, homeowners must recognize the warning signs indicating it’s time for bird control. As a result, they allow the infestation to damage their homes without action and permit the birds to breed before they finally act. When this occurs, you can expect the infestation to be much more challenging.  

Seeing the birds 
An increase in the number of birds you regularly see around your house is often the first sign of an infestation. You will likely catch more birds than usual when they settle on your roof or attic. However, more than this is needed to prompt you to contact bird control. You need to keep an eye on their behaviour and habits. If they keep returning to the same spot or bring nesting materials with them, it clearly indicates that you have a problem. If you are still trying to figure it out, you can investigate the areas where you’ve seen the most birds to confirm your suspicions.   

Recognising bird droppings 
If you notice an infestation of birds, you might see droppings in areas where they don’t usually belong. The level of activity has clearly increased. If you observe more droppings than usual on your property or roof, it’s time to act. You should immediately contact your local bird control service if you find any droppings inside your property. 

Listening to them 
Bird infestations can be surprisingly loud, especially for seagulls, who can disrupt your mornings with their noise. There are plenty of things that can make noise, including pigeons. You likely have bird infestation if you hear increased cooing or scratching sounds. If the birds nest, you may hear the sounds of crying babies from those hidden nests. It’s important not to ignore these noises, as they’re a sign of underlying problems and indicate that you could benefit from bird pest control.  

Changing the appearance of your house  
Bird infestations can lead to excessive bird droppings, which can quickly degrade the external appearance of your house. If left unaddressed, this infestation can cause much damage and be quite a nuisance to you and your neighbours.  

Disruption to your property 
Property damage from bird infestations goes beyond aesthetic issues. Birds can be destructive if they nest on window ledges or attic. Their droppings can erode stone, paintwork, and other building materials, leading to costly repairs.  

If you have a bird infestation, you are at a higher risk of attracting other pests. While some pest control companies use aggressive and forceful methods, No More Birds priorities gentler approaches that solve the problem effectively without disrupting your daily life. In general, it is recommended to use bird control solutions to address the issue. We provide economical and complete cleaning services for all kinds of property and sizes. We provide completely obligation-free quotations. We provide assured results.  


Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. The images we use in this context has been taken from ” No More Birds” To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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