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Garage Door Troubleshooting: Four Common Issues

You can understand what comfort having a garage provides you. Parking outside exposes your vehicle to the weather, which can cause many kinds of issues. But what if the convenience is immediately affected by problems with your garage door? When you don’t know what the issue is or what to do about it, dealing with a door that only closes partially or that doesn’t respond to the remote can be frustrating.  

Getting service from Garage Door Supplier in Eurobodalla is a wise decision. Before that, knowing about the basics of garage door issues can come in handy. If you are in Eurobodalla, then this troubleshooting guide for garage doors will definitely help you:  

Issues with garage door opening and closing
If your garage door is not opening or closing, there are many troubleshooting steps you can take to address the issue. First, ensure that the garage door opener is properly plugged in, and check the garage circuit breaker to ensure it is in the correct position.  

Then, verify that the door has not been inadvertently manually locked. If you are using a keypad or remote control, replace the batteries to overcome the power problem.  

Make sure you are within the recommended range and positioned correctly when using garage door remotes. If you need to open a garage door that remains closed, use the emergency release cord to disconnect the trolley and manually open the door.  

If a garage door is making noise
If your garage door is creating loud noises, then these sounds indicate that the issue needs special attention. Grinding or squeaking noises may mean inadequate lubrication or worn-out rollers, and here, you can use silicone-based grease or replace the roller.  

If your garage door rattles, loose nuts, bolts, or screws could be the problem, and tightening them with a wrench and socket set should solve the issue. Working on torsion springs is dangerous and should always be handled by a professional. Addressing these noises quickly with the help of a Garage Door Supplier in Eurobodalla can ensure safe and smooth operation.  

Uneven movement of your garage door
When your door opens or closes, it can move a little bit because something may be clogging the tracks. Take a look, then clear away any obstacles you notice. Moreover, use this chance to clean the tracks. 

If this is unsuccessful, it may be a problem with the spring system, either the torsion spring or the extension springs. It may be giving either insufficient or excessive tension. To solve the problem, you must contact a professional. 

Garage door’s safety photo eye problem 
A frequent garage door problem is the photo eye problem. On either side of the garage door opening just above the floor, there are two picture eyes. Simple in design, the technology sends an invisible beam of light that the other person sees, much like a flashlight.  

The way is clear if that light can pass through them both undisturbed. Simply move the object out of the way if there is a barrier. The eye sensors often get misaligned, so reposition the sensor to point directly at the opposite photo eye sensor. 

Final thoughts
If you are lucky, the problem you are having won’t be serious, and you can take care of it on your own. But if you try each troubleshooting suggestion and none of them works out, then you must hire a Garage Door Supplier in Eurobodalla to complete the task. 


Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. The images we use in this context have been taken from the official website of Southern Garage Doors. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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