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Five Signs Your Tyre Needs Replacement 

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Your car tyres play a vital role in the safety of your car. If your tyres are worn, they will have a weaker grip on the road and increase the chance of accidents, because there is a likelihood of you losing control. 

Worn-out tyres can even easily blow out as well as decrease your stopping distance. Even though worn-out tyres are risky, many people are not aware of the condition of their tyres, and many do not know when it is time to change the tyres. 

In this article, we have shortlisted a few points that should be kept in mind while examining the tyres, and if any of these points are observed, it is always better to change your car tyres.

  1. Cracked tyres 

Crack formation is the result of the deterioration of the chemicals and oils present in the rubber material of the tyres. You should look for cracks on the side walls of your tyres because they are the main indication of a blowout and are highly dangerous. Fortunately, the side walls of your tyres are easily visible, and anyone can detect these cracks without any professional help. If your car tyres have cracks, especially in the side walls, it’s time you change the tyres and go for new ones.

  1. Tread depth 

The depth of your tyre tread also plays an important role in its safety and durability. The tread depth of your tyre should never go beyond 1.6 mm. Low tread depth is one of the most common problems in tyres in Canberra 

You can easily find a gauge and use it to measure the tread depth of your tyres the way professionals do. Another way of measuring the tread depth of your tyre is an old method that allows you to get a rough estimate without having to buy a specialised gauge. 

Take a penny and insert it into that area. If its entire head remains visible, it means you don’t have enough tread, and it’s time you get a new set of tyres for your car. New tyres usually have tread wear bar indicators. It is an invisible bar built into the tyres, and as your tyre begins to wear down, this bar starts being visible. 

If more than one or two of these bars are visible, it means your tyre has a low tread, and it is easily noticed on the track’s marks that your car leaves behind. This can be further confirmed by using the same penny test, but if all the tyres have visible bar marks, then it’s time you get your tyres replaced.

  1. Excessive vibration 

Vibrations are usually very common while driving on poorly paved roads, but it is safe to a certain level, and if that level exceeds, this is an indication that something is wrong. Excessive vibration can be due to many causes. The tyres may be misaligned or unbalanced, your shock observers might be facing some problems, or there might be some internal problems in your tyres.  

 If your car shakes while driving, especially if you notice this while driving on bad roads, take your car right to the mechanic. It is important to figure out the cause of this vibration because even if the tyres are not the cause, this vibration can lead to serious damage to your car.

  1. Noise is coming from your tyres 

Any type of odd noise coming from your car should be checked immediately, especially if it’s coming from the tyres. A creaking or squeaking sound is often an indication that your tyres are facing some problems. These noises usually occur when the tyres are punctured or cracked or when there is a change in the air compression of your tyres. They can also result in a blowout, so they should be checked as soon as possible.

  1. Bulges or blisters in the tyres 

Sometimes the outer surface of your tyre starts getting weak, and this eventually ends up in the formation of bulges or blisters in your tyres. These sensitive areas often cause a blowout anytime, so if you notice anything unusual in the shape of your tyres or you notice marks on your tyres it is time you get them checked and replaces them.

Usually, after walking a certain number of miles, your feet start to get sore. Similarly, your tyres also get worn out after a certain time, and like your feet, your tyres also need rest and good treatment. 

You don’t have to wait for your car tyres to develop a fault, in order to replace them. keep checking on them regularly, and if you notice that things are not ideal, then it is important to replace them to avoid any mishaps.  

It is also important to keep a track of how long the tyres have been used since they were purchased. Maintain the tyre replacement date in your car records so that you can be reminded of the date when you need to replace them.

Driving with faulty tyres in Canberra can be very dangerous, and nothing is more important than your life, so it is always better to get check the condition of your tyres and replace them whenever required. 

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