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Everything You Must Know About Solar Hot Water System in Mossvale

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Nowadays, everybody prefers to install solar panels on their roof to get electricity. Similarly, the biggest energy consumer for most households is their water heater. When people use solar energy to heat water in the form of a solar hot water system is the best option they can make as they invest in something worthwhile. The solar hot water system in Mossvale are becoming quite popular due to their ease of use and convenience. In colder regions, hot water systems play a significant role. Suppose you purchase a new one to replace the existing one easily. The best thing about solar hot water systems is that they are environmentally friendly.

You use hot water every day when you shower, do laundry, wash dishes, etc. It is a fact that solar water heating systems use the sun’s energy to heat the water in your home. The other name of solar water heaters is the solar hot water system. However, it is an alternative to conventional water heating systems. For instance, it includes gas water heaters, tankless coil water heaters, electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters, etc. Heat pump water heaters have gas, oil, or electricity to power them.

Overview of Solar Water Heaters:

Suppose we talk about a solar hot water system that uses the sun to generate warm water for your home. Then, through the collectors on your roof, it captures the heat from the sun. Therefore, you can eliminate your water heating bill with a solar water heater using a hot water system. Thus, you can install a solar hot water system to supplement your regular water heater. By installing a solar hot water system, you can use the sun’s power to save money on your electricity.

Apart from that, you can also reduce your reliance on conventional energy sources like oil, electricity, gas, etc. It also cuts down the greenhouse emissions, which is good for the atmosphere and the environment. Similarly, you can also save money in the long term by reducing the electricity and gas bills.

The Basics of Solar Hot Water System:

The solar hot water system in Mossvale captures the thermal energy from the sun. Then, it uses that energy to heat the water for your home. However, there are some essential components present in the hot water system. They are

  • Collectors
  • Heat exchanger and storage tank
  • Controller system
  • Backup heater

Now after knowing about the components, we must explain them in detail. 

  • Collectors:

Typically installed on a rooftop, the collectors are the panels in the solar thermal system. You must know about photovoltaic solar panels generating electricity, but these collectors are different because they generate heat. Through a collector’s glass covering, solar radiation passes and strikes the absorber plate component. Hence, this plate has a coating designed to capture solar energy and convert it to heat. The transferred heat goes to a “transfer fluid”.

Collectors also come in various sizes, and the number you install depends on how much hot water you use in your home. The second thing is how much sunshine your roof will get. Collectors also have two styles, including flat plates and evacuated tubes. Firstly flat plate collectors are less efficient in colder regions, capture less sunlight, and are less expensive. On the contrary, evacuated tube collectors are heavy and fragile and take up less space on your roof. 

  • Heat Exchanger and Storage Tank:

As the transfer fluid in your collectors heats up, it goes to a series of pipes, the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger location is inside the storage tank for your hot water. Thus, the tubes filled with fluid transfer the heat to your water. Therefore, it makes the hot water ready to use in your home.

  • Controller System:

The majority of the hot water system has a controller system. Therefore, the controller system ensures that the water in the storage tank does not get too hot. On the other hand, the control system also ensures that it prevents cold water from being cycled through the system when it is cold outside. In short, it makes the water easy to use for the people.

  • Backup Heater:

Every solar hot water system in Mossvale comes with a backup heater. It will account for roughly 20 percent of your hot water use throughout the year. When there is not enough heated water from the solar energy system, the backup heater generates hot water with gas or electricity for your home.


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