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Encourage Toddler Language Development with These 5 Activities

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Developing language skills is a natural part of a child’s growth. If a child is slow in developing language skills, making the environment more enjoyable can stimulate their language skills. Parents and teachers can help by encouraging kids to do language-based activities.  

This article contains five language development exercises for toddlers and preschoolers that are suggested by experts at a Childcare Centre in Dural. These simple exercises can be incorporated into your regular routine to keep your child happy while actively encouraging language development, so continue reading. 

Building blocks
In addition to being a fun game to play, building towers and other similar structures offers lots of opportunities to practice linguistic skills. When playing, verbs like “build” and “fall down” and adjectives like “higher” and “up,” as well as numbers and colours, can also be introduced.  

Make sure your child uses the appropriate words to describe the action as each block is added by taking the time to explain what is occurring to them. Try to use speech therapy toys to get your child to speak fast.  

Role play games 
Role play will enable your children to exercise his or her imagination without any limitations. Most kids love playing story-based dress-up games. You can introduce new words and support the development of your child’s language abilities by adding various characters to the game.  

If your child’s therapist has given you specific words or concepts to teach, make characters that allow you to incorporate them effortlessly. 

Talk your way through the day.
It makes sense to use language throughout the day in a variety of contexts because the objective is to have a child who can communicate with others using a large and varied vocabulary. Give your child the chance to respond and understand what you are saying as you describe the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells you experience.  

Talking to your baby can stimulate them to speak and write words. Talk about the food and items you buy at the grocery store, the activities of those you pass while driving, and the various companies, buildings, and things you see surrounding your home.  

Working with a Childcare Centre in Duralwill make the language training easier for both you and your child.  

Listen to music
A great activity to promote language development in children is listening to music together. Syllable awareness and other elements of verbal communication can benefit from the beat and intonation that are emphasized in music.  

Some songs include associated books that you can use to sing along with or point out illustrations. You can also act out the lyrics to help your child make connections between the song’s motions and words. 

Explore books together
It’s no secret that kids enjoy listening to stories, and reading can aid with language development from a young age. Make sure to concentrate on words and create associations in your child’s head to aid with language development, regardless of whether the books include pictures or not. Give your child the opportunity to discuss the story when the book is finished, and don’t hesitate to pause and go over what’s happening as often as needed. 

Final thoughts
You and your child can make progress without feeling like a chore if you can work these kinds of language development exercises into your daily routine. If you need help getting started in the language practice journey, talk to experts at Childcare Centre in Dural.  


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