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Cool Paint Trends For The New Year

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Paints can produce an astonishing range of moods and styles across any room or outdoor space. Recent paint trends include palettes that are bold and eye catching so that you can really uplift your spaces well.! The good news for homeowners and painters in Eastern Suburb is that there are plenty of new and exciting paints out there on the market that will give you a whole host of exciting possibilities. This year is the year of colors, from deep, rich colors such as ‘tiger blood’ red to vibrant pinks, greens, and oranges.

Paint trends for your home for 2022 include a wide range of colors, textures and finishes that will make both the interior and exterior of your property look more interesting than ever before! There’s so much to consider when choosing a color scheme and theme for your house or apartment, not to mention how you want it to look, which painting materials to use, and whether you should hire a painter in Eastern Suburb or DIY at home instead!

  1. Mid Brown Taupe 

If you can’t pick a bright color, choose a mid-brown taupe for a striking glow this year! A mid-brown taupe is such an inviting and welcoming shade that it’s no wonder it has been named “favorite neutral of 2022.” We love how versatile this warm, cozy hue is – from the bedroom to the living room, dining room, or kitchen. It can bring just about anything together in one sleek finish! And the best part? It doesn’t have to be boring or predictable – you can easily incorporate colors into your home decor that will make this shade pop.

  1. Strong Orange Hues 

Don’t forget to add deep orange paint to your home in 2022. This inviting and vibrant orange is the perfect color to make a statement on your walls, furniture, and even accessories! You can choose from several colors or try something new by mixing and matching different shades of orange to create a look that works for you. Whether you’re looking for a modern, fresh design or one that brings out the best in your existing décor, choosing an amazing shade of orange will be a great addition to your home this year. An awesome orange paint job can transform your home into a warm place to relax and enjoy no matter what style you choose.

  1. Ocean Palette 

Instantly refreshing, an ocean-inspired palette offers a mental escape in your room or living space with soothing shades of blue and white that create a tranquil effect on the eye. It also provides an amazing visual impact that draws attention and captures inspiration. Paint colors can be mixed for an unlimited amount of unique color combinations that are perfect for creating striking designs on your walls and ceilings and other surfaces like furniture, wood, plastic, metal.

Ocean-inspired home walls are our favorite in 2022. No wonder! Painters in Eastern Suburbainters in Eastern Suburb have a color palette is ever-evolving, and the transparency/opacity of an ocean palette can make any space feel less like a house and more like a landscape—a sanctuary, a garden, or a room of its own that you can step into for the day, the night, the season, the year. Sometimes we are inspired by a new sea creature or plant discovery that makes us want to fill every square inch of living space with life, color, texture, pattern, light, water, and maybe even dancing froggy bubbles.

  1. Yellow Paint Trends 

Earthly yellow and golden shades create rooms that are inviting, warm, and yet rich throughout the year. Yellow is an enduring color that can last for generations in a home. It has been associated with warmth since copper vessels were once used to warm food during long voyages in hot climates. Early European settlers brought the metal home with them from the New World to adorn their homes and place settings at banquets of importance – such as weddings, christenings, or funerals, where sharing of community traditions was important. Today, yellow copper decorates our furniture, art, lighting fixtures, and accessories.

  1. Greys 

In 2022 paint your house walls with a grey that merges with blue, green, and grey hues. You will be amazed at how much of the grey in your home will disappear, and it is likely to become a less noticeable feature than it was before you painted your room this way. Blue and Grey walls are surprisingly easy to do yourself. Still, if you want an expert to help you, painters in Eastern Suburbs are recommended.

Grey is one of those colors that’s easy on the eyes. If you’re going for an all-white look, it’s always possible to combine it with other shades – such as white or black – to give your rooms a more colorful feel. Grey also works very well in larger spaces like bedrooms and living areas where it can be used as a feature color instead of just as a background color.

Although there is a lot of excitement about the future, painters in Eastern Suburb agree that the color palette for this year celebrates the legacy of modernism, which makes it possible for us all to live comfortably and harmoniously together on this beautiful planet.

Color trends for the next decade include some very subtle and classy shifts, along with a few bolder designs for those who dare to be different.

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