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Commercial Roller Door Installation: Five Factors to Consider

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The key to long-lasting commercial roller doors is professional installation. If errors, shortcuts, or quick techniques are used throughout installation, they will only cause problems later. Invest in skilled installation from the start to ensure your roller doors endure for a lifetime. Although there will be a preliminary expense, the installation will pay for itself over time.  

Whether you are planning to install a commercial roller door or are interested in learning about the process, this blog will explain the 5 key considerations for installing commercial roller doors in Batemans Bay. Remember these steps during the installation process at your commercial property.  

Type of Doors 
Before starting the installation process, select the type of commercial roller doors you want to install. There are three main types, each available in different materials.  

Roller Shutters   

Industrial Roller Doors   

Commercial Roller Shutters  

When choosing a commercial roller door in Batemans Bay, consider the frequency of use, the necessary level of security, and the installation environment. The door’s location should also be considered based on Australia’s challenging climatic conditions, including high temperatures, winds, rainfall, and humidity.  

The material of your commercial roller door is an essential factor to consider. Commercial roller doors are usually made from steel due to its durability, strength, and security. However, other materials can also be used depending on your needs.  

It is essential to consider the climatic conditions of the location where you plan to install your commercial roller door. Sturdy materials like steel and aluminium are advisable in rural areas with high temperatures. Consider using a softer material like wood for commercial settings with more stable temperatures.  

When selecting a commercial roller door in Batemans Bay, choosing one that fits the opening is crucial. Installing a door that is either too small or too large can lead to operational problems and compromise the security of your building. You may need to add a few inches to the opening height and width to determine the right size.  

If you are still determining the appropriate door size, contact a professional installation company such as Batemans Bay Garage Doors. They can assist you in selecting the roller doors of the correct size for your building.  

Security Measures 
You can increase your building’s security with commercial roller doors. The right security features are crucial to selecting a door that meets your needs. 

 Some security features to consider include:  

  • Locking technique: Each commercial roller door has a distinctive locking system to ensure maximum safety.   
  • Material: Steel doors are more resilient and safer than alternatives, making them ideal for circumstances that require a high protection standard.  
  • Transparency: In some instances, such as parking lots, public spaces, or stores, visibility may be essential. For these applications, we provide commercial doors with bar panels.   
  • Opening/closing: There is usually a manual or electric opener available for opening and closing commercial roller doors. In the scenario of an electricity outage, all motors include manual methods.  

Maintenance Needs 
Commercial roller doors need regular maintenance to operate efficiently and last long. Depending on usage, you should service your commercial roller doors at least once a year.   

At Batemans Bay Garage Doors, we are committed to providing our valued clients with exceptional automatic garage door systems that offer the highest security and convenience. Our team of experts and top-quality products collaborate to provide superior installation, operation, and technical support. 


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